Why Do Binoculars Fog Up? [How To Avoid It]

By Richard

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One of the most irritating things that we come across while using binoculars is the fogging of lenses. The fogging of binoculars not only stops you from viewing the scene but also destroys your binos when it remains unchecked for an extended duration. So, it is important to know why binoculars fog up and how to get rid of fogging of lenses. 

Why do binoculars fog up? Fogging of binoculars is majorly due to the water droplets that get condensed on the lenses and make the image blurry. It usually happens when you use binos in extreme temperatures which change rapidly or there is humidity in the environment.

There are many ways through which the fogging of binoculars can be avoided. In this guide, we will guide everything about the fogging of binoculars and let you know about the way through which you stop optics from fogging up.

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Why Do Binoculars Fog Up?

Binoculars are indeed very useful tools but when their lenses get fogged up, you feel like they are the most useless devices. We know the frustration! It is better to be ready to overcome the problem of fogging of binoculars.

When you go to a place where humidity is common or temperature changes quickly then the water droplets start accumulating and condensing on the lenses of your binoculars. If they remain unchecked for a few minutes, they make your binoculars literally useless and you cannot see through them.

Those who are experienced pros know well how to deal with fog. But those who are newbies, feel like their money has got wasted. But this is not the case. The fogging of lenses can not be corrected with simple techniques that we will discuss in this guide. 

Before we go down and tell you How to Keep Binoculars from Fogging Up, it is important for you to know the types of fogging. Basically, the fog of binoculars has two types which are mentioned as follows

  • Internal fogging
  • External fogging

External fogging of binoculars

External fogging is not very difficult to deal with. The external optical components like the eyepiece and objective lens get foggy. All you will have to do is use a microfiber cloth and wipe the fog away. If your binoculars have got fogged up from outside, don’t worry and simply wipe them away. 

Internal fogging of binoculars

Internal fogging is very difficult to get rid of. The internal side of binoculars will get fogged up. The lenses get foggy from the inside and it becomes really difficult to remove them. If internal fogging remains unchecked for a few months, it develops fungus inside the binoculars that destroy the whole binoculars. We have written an extensive guide about how to clean binoculars and get rid of fogging. You should consider reading that for an internal fogging solution. 

Practical Tips about How to Keep Binoculars from Fogging Up?

Fogging of binoculars is a headache – and its treatment lies in preventative measures. You should let the binoculars get fogged up in any way. With proper care and steps, you can definitely make your optics safe from fogging of optics. 

1- Keeping your binoculars dry

Fogging of lenses is due to their moisture and humidity. When you go out in such places moisture is around the corner, then you should keep binoculars dry by wiping all the moisture with the help of a microfibre cloth. 

Keep in mind not to wipe the lenses harshly as your binoculars can get scratches. The continuous drying of binoculars will keep moisture away – ultimately making your binoculars not get fogged up. 

2- Apply anti-fog products on binoculars

Anti-fog products are very useful that securing your optics’ moisture and keeping them safe from fogging up. You can get anti-fog products from any local optics store. Make sure not to use them too often as their excess can have a bad impact on the lenses.

Note: Use anti-fog products according to the recommendations of manufacturers.

3- Spit on your binoculars

It may sound weird but it really works in keeping moisture away from your binoculars. Spit when you feel like your binos are getting moisture and dry it with a microfibre cloth. Keep spitting and cleaning to ensure that they don’t get fogged up. 

4- Use A Desiccant

Desiccants are a good way to keep your binoculars away from fogging up. The most popular desiccant are rice and silica. If you don’t have much time then put your binoculars in a jar with desiccant and they will absorb all the moisture from your binoculars – making them safe from fogging up.

5- Keep them in a Dry Environment

If binoculars are not fog proof then we recommend you to use them in those places where moisture is not common or temperature change is not too rapid. Keep in mind that care is better than treatment. 

Use Fogproof Binoculars

Going out and choosing binoculars that are not fog proof is like wasting your money. Those optics that come with water or fog proofing is not worth the money. We always recommend everyone check the gas purging in the specification written on the box. 

Those optics that are not purged with nitrogen or argon should not be bought at all. No matter if you buy binoculars from an online e-commerce store or any local optics store, make a wise decision.

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We have done our job to provide you with in-depth information about why binoculars get fogged up and how to get rid of those foggy lenses. Indeed, binoculars become useless when their lenses have humidity on them. 

It is better to make decisions wisely – instead of regretting the purchase. Hopefully, this article will add value to your life. We are signing off! See you in the next guide.

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