Why Are Binoculars Not Allowed in Egypt?

By Richard

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Binoculars are one of the most important tools that people love to carry when visiting a new place. But to your surprise, if you are going to Egypt to view the monuments, then you will be asked not to carry binoculars there. In fact, Egyptian airports will check your luggage and unpack the binos if you have one. Do you know why? In this guide, we will answer the question: why are binoculars not allowed in Egypt? So, keep reading for in-depth and satisfactory answer

Due to security risks, the authorities have banned the use of binoculars in Egypt. No foreigner is allowed to use binoculars as it is thought that they might cause security breaches. People might use binos for spying and surveillance purposes. So, binoculars are officially banned in Egypt.

It was a brief introduction. But we will talk about each and every point in this article to get in-depth information on why binos are not allowed in Egypt. So stay connected!

Why are Binoculars not allowed in Egypt? Complete Information

The authorities believe that foreigners or visitors can be a threat to their internal security. So, the decision was made to ban the use of binoculars by tourists. There are many historical places where security risks are very high.

Binoculars are excellent tools for spying and surveillance and people may use them to get sensitive security information. There have been some cases in the past when some agents used binoculars to keep a check on security men in historical places and tried to cause some damage. 

Another reason which causes the ban of binos is that different people come to Egypt to see historical places like the pyramids of Egypt. It has been observed that people with ill intentions use binoculars to follow those tourists. Of Course, no one likes to be tracked or followed by someone through binoculars and authorities get so complaints. So, they have ended up deciding the ban of binos.

So, the government is more strict now and not willing to give anyone an edge to spy on someone or something in egypt. When tourists come to Egypt then they are checked strictly at the airport to ensure that they don’t have anything that can cause security threats. Binoculars are also strictly checked and if found, they get Confiscated.

Are Binoculars Confiscated At Airports In Egypt?

 As said earlier, binoculars are banned due to security issues and the government has bound airport authorities to check the tourists strictly and don’t let them carry binoculars. So, whenever you go to Egypt, you will have to undergo strict checking to ensure that you are free from any illegal weapon or material.

During the checking process, if they find binoculars in your luggage then they will confiscate them and you won’t be able to get them back. So, make sure not to carry binoculars when visiting Egypt.

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How to Use a Binocular in Egypt? – Useful Tip

The authorities don’t allow the use of binos in Egypt. Even if you carry them in your backpack they will be confiscated. But we have found a way through which you can use binos to observe the beauty of Egypt.

Don’t buy binoculars from your own country: instead, shop from local stores in Egypt. Once you buy binos from Egypt then you won’t have to go through those strict security checks. 

When you visit any special place then use bins to get a closer view of everything. No security agent will ask or stop you when you enter any historical place like the pyramids of Egypt etc.

Tip: Buy binos from any local store in Egypt and have fun!

What To Consider If You Take Your Binoculars To Egypt?

Weather is very harsh in Egypt and you will wander in very hot temperatures. Moreover, you will cover the sand. In Fact, you will have dunes of sand everywhere in Egypt.

So you should consider some very important features in binoculars so that you don’t have bad performance.

First of all, your chosen bins must be temperature resistant. We have seen many optics that are very fragile and choosing them for an Egypt visit is like a waste of money.

The second point that you should consider is the lens quality. As said earlier, you will come across the sand and the particles will definitely come on the lenses. If the lens quality is compromised, then you will see scratches on the lenses. So make sure to choose scratch-resistant binoculars. In fact armortek coating on the lenses will make your optics perfect. 


Although binoculars prove beneficial when you’re visiting any special places, some countries don’t allow you to use them. Egypt is one of them. Even if you dare to carry them in your bag, you are more likely to be checked and your binoculars will be confiscated.

So, we don’t recommend that you break the rules set by the government. So, don’t carry them and be safe from such checks.

But if you are very passionate about optics and want to see the scenes through binoculars, then you should purchase them from a local store as it will save you from airport checks.

It was an in-depth answer and we hope that there will be no confusion left in your mind.  Hopefully, our efforts will add value in your life. Until next time, we’re signing off!

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