Where are Swarovski Binoculars Made? (Answered)

By Richard

Swarovski is a well-established brand and has been working for decades. They have loyal customers who don’t look towards any other optical brands when it comes to buying any optics like binoculars and scopes. However, there are many misconceptions about the location of Swarovski and where they make their products. 

In this guide, we will be talking about the Swarovski optical brand and its production plants. Before going into the explanation, we would like to answer you briefly so that those who are in a hurry can get the answer. 

Brief Answer: Swarovski binoculars are made in Absam which is a small town in Austria. All the components are produced and assembled in this headquarters. Swarovski Optik does not import any optical components from other countries like China, Japan or the Philippines. 

It was a brief answer and we have done complete research about the Swarovski brand to give you in-depth knowledge. So, let’s dive deeper and learn more about this brand.

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Explanation: Where are Swarovski binoculars made?

Swarovski Optik is a very famous brand and has been working since 1895 in Austria. Actually, the company is based in a small town in Austria called Absam. All the production and assembly work is done at this headquarters. All the optical tools like binoculars, scopes, etc are produced in this place. 

It is important to note that Swarovski is one of those brands that does not import any component from any other country. Usually, you see brands importing lenses or other components from those countries where the labor cost is relatively lower. However, this is not the case in Swarovski. 

Have you noticed that the prices of Swarovski are comparatively higher than other brands working in this industry? The reason behind the higher prices is that they produce all the components in their own unit. So, the higher labor cost forces them to increase the prices. 

But the good thing which is a blessing in disguise is that they produce very high-quality products. As all the components are produced at their own garage so they ensure the quality of those components. Due to their high-quality components, their products last longer than other competitors. 

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History of the Swarovski Brand

The company was founded by Swarovski in 1895. Swarovski had a small business about optical stuff. He also worked in other private factories to enhance his skills related to optical equipment.

He also worked with many other small companies as an employee before starting his own corporation. However, Swarovski along with Armand Kossmann, and brother-in-law, Franz Weis 1895 started his own startup which ended up becoming the brand and ruling till now. 

Initially, the company was known as Kossmann, D. Swarovski & Co. and many people used to use a small or shortened form KS & Co which got more famous than the original name. However, the company saw many ups, downs, and evolution, and the name was changed to ‘‘Swarovski’’.

The company now known as Swarvoksi and its branches are working all over the world. Their binoculars are very expensive, but still, have a very good reputation among outdoor enthusiasts. 

Keep in mind that Swarovski initially used to produce crystal glasses. The production of binoculars started the second world war. In 1949, the company officially launched its products in the market. As the company already had a good name among the customers, its products were well accepted.

You can imagine their success by the fact that they have a record 3000 stores in over 170 countries where their products are being well accepted. According to 2018 reports, those stores bring almost $7.2 billion euros to Swarovski which is an amazing number. 

First Customized binoculars

Wilhelm, who was the son of Swarovski, made the first customized binoculars with the use of crystal grinding equipment. This first binocular had a magnification power of 6x and an objective lens size of 30mm. Although it was a very simple optical tool, the efforts were appreciated and it laid the foundation of Swarovski as a brand for the production of binoculars. The first binoculars were produced in 1935, however, it was not officially launched in the market. The company launched its binos in 1949 officially.

Well Trained Employees

All optical brands hire employees from different parts of the world. But Swarovski is doing something unique and different. They have a small school where they train small kids in optics and mechanics. It indicates they want to train their own employees from a very basic level. 

It will help when those well-trained kinds will job the Swarovski as employees and increase their productivity. They won’t have to depend on the external market for their employment recruitment. They are building a kind of ecosystem where the company will be supported by expert employees and they are aiming to outclass their top competitors like vortex and Bushnell. 


Swarovski is a very famous brand and people love using their produced tools like binoculars, scopes, and telescopes. They produce all of their optical tools at their head office located in Absam which is a town in Austria. We have explained everything which you need to know about the Swarovski binoculars. Hoping that this guide will be a great help to you.

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