Where are Steiner Binoculars Made?

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Some of the best binoculars on the market today come from the German company Steiner. It has been making high-quality optics since 1947, and its binoculars are used by both professionals and amateurs alike. In this article, we will cover everything about the Steiner brand and let you know where Steiner binoculars are made.

Steiner binoculars are made in Bayreuth, Germany. This is where the company has its headquarters and where all of its manufacturing of binoculars takes place. Steiner is one of the few companies that still manufactures its products in the same location where they were first launched. 

The company uses only the highest quality materials, and each binocular is hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen. This attention to detail ensures that every Steiner binocular meets the company’s high standards for quality and performance. Let’s dive deeper and know more about the Steiner brand and where they are being manufactured right now.

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History of Steiner Optics

History of Steiner binoculars (Optics)

STEINER Optics was founded in 1947 by Karl Steiner. Prior to founding the company, Steiner worked as an optics engineer for Carl Zeiss. His experience and expertise in the field of optics led him to develop new types of binoculars that were superior to anything else on the market. 

Their initial launched binoculars became popular among boaters and sailors who needed reliable and durable optics for navigation.

After the second world war, the whole world was facing the consequences. Germany was no exception as it was directly affected. In that time, one man stood out and started working on producing optical instruments to make himself and his country enriched with optics.

After some years, the company started getting exposure on an international level. As said earlier, it was a time of war. So, the binoculars produced by the Steiner company were being used by military cops. 

The first optics produced was a camera. But it was not what people needed at the time as it was a time of war, poverty, and destructive infrastructure. Soon after producing the first camera, the company realized and pushed harder to produce equipment that could be used for wars.

Later, they signed a contract with the armed forces to provide them with their binoculars. The major reason for their contract with the armed forces is that their binoculars are very robust and durable. The usage of polycarbonate and material or magnesium alloys makes their optics very powerful.

Later on, in 1989, they received the bulk order of 72000 binoculars from the US Army. This bulk order proved a brand establishment. since then 10% of total binoculars produced by Stener are being used for Armed force

Where are Steiner Binoculars made?

The main manufacturing facility of STEINER Optics is located within their headquarters building in the town of Bayreuth, Bavaria. This is where the company started its operations after the Second World War, and it has remained the main production site ever since.

The STEINER Optics factory in Bayreuth is one of the most modern and efficient production facilities in the optics industry. This is where the company’s commitment to quality and innovation comes to life, creating products that are enjoyed by customers all over the world.

Their main manufacturing plants are based in Germany where all the binoculars and other optics are being manufactured. Everything from the selection of materials to the manufacturing of optics is done in that plant. 

Even the research process, testing of binoculars, and quality check is also done in the headquarters building. After the raw materials are transformed into finished products, they undergo a rigorous quality control process before being shipped to customers. This includes checking for optical and mechanical accuracy as well as carrying out long-term durability tests.

Does Steiner outsource its products?

Steiner is committed to providing quality optics to users. All the expensive binoculars are made in Germany. They don’t compromise on the products which are costly. All those Steiner products which are priced above $500 are made in Germany and their quality check is very strict. A small fault or quality compromise is not accepted by Steiner.

But those binoculars which are relatively cheaper are outsourced from Asian countries. The reason for their outsourcing is that importing products from Asian countries where labor cost is too low helps Steiner secure more profit. Keep in mind that outsourcing cheaper binoculars never means that quality will be compromised.

Every binocular, no matter if it is cheaper or expensive, goes through a special quality control check. In case of any issue, the quality control team does not approve the product. Each and every product whether outsourced or manufactured in Germany goes through the same quality assurance check. 

Why is Steiner’s Optics Famous all Over the World?

Why is Steiner optics famous all over the world

The modern facility in Bayreuth is responsible for the production of top-quality STEINER products. No matter if it is a rifle scope, binoculars, or thermal imaging devices, their attention to small details is second to none. 

With over 200 employees working in the production department, STEINER Optics is producing optics for every purpose in different price ranges. The durability and longevity of their binoculars are what makes them unique in the optics world.

The most important reason behind their popularity is that they build optics for the armed forces. Nowadays, the US Army, Indian Army, and French Navy import binoculars from Germany. Their exportation to these countries makes the company more profitable and popular. 

Who uses them?

Steiner binoculars are used by different people, including professional birders, hunters, and nature enthusiasts. They are also popular with people who spend a lot of time outdoors, such as hikers and campers. because they are rugged and can withstand extreme outdoor conditions.

These binoculars have found their major application in the army. As said earlier, polycarbonate material is usually used in their construction. The strong material makes them able to bear shocks and falls. In the military, the cops go through different conditions. 

But these binoculars are made to be loyal companions of soldiers in all conditions. The nitrogen gas purging and o ring sealing are also other plus point that helps them to be water and fog-proof. Their durability and resistance to water, fog, and shocks make them a perfect match for soldiers. 


According to Ranker, Steiner optics is ranked number 6 worldwide in best binoculars brands. Moreover, their success rate can be estimated by the fact that they started getting bulk orders just after a few years after their launch. The company’s growth was so exponential that it had 50+ workers in less than six years. In this guide, we have discussed everything about Steiner optics and given you an in-depth answer to the question of where Steiner binoculars are made.

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