What Does 8X56 Binoculars Mean? (Explanation)

By Richard

Binoculars’ specifications are the least understood and newbies find it very difficult to understand the numbers which are used to show the capabilities of the binoculars. The prices of optics also vary with the specification so it is very important to understand the meanings of those numbers which are used to display the characteristics of optics.

What does 8×56 binoculars mean and are they any good? You will see this question in almost all the optics communities and forums. But the answer of this question will be confusing as it was given by just a random person who has no expertise in optics.

We have done complete research and found very useful information for you. If you’re going to the market to buy new binoculars, you gotta read this guide completely to ensure that you’ve all the basic knowledge that will help you in making informed decisions.

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What do 8×56 binoculars mean?

In 8×56 binoculars, 8x represents the magnification power where another number which is written on the right side of the X is indicative of the objective lens size. In short, these binoculars have a magnification power of 8x and an objective lens size of 56 mm. 

Generally speaking, the binoculars’ specification consists of two numbers which are separated by X. The first number which is present on the left side of the X is magnification power whereas another number which is present on the right side will represent the objective lens size. This is a universal specification.

Are 8×56 binoculars any good?

Every binoculars made has both good and bad and these 8×56 binoculars are no exception. You can use them for multiple activities without any problem. Keep in mind that every binocular is made for a specific purpose and you should use them accordingly.

8x magnification power is considered ideal for multiple activities like hunting and birding. When you choose higher magnification power, then your binoculars become too sensitive to small movements of hands and you don’t get an optimal viewing experience. But with this 8x magnification, you can perfect viewing without any shakiness.

The objective lens is 56mm and is considered very good as it helps the binoculars to capture more light and give you brighter visuals of the targeted objects. If you’re planning to hunt in low-light conditions, these binoculars are going to be your perfect match.

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How far can you see with these 8×56 binoculars?

This question is quite difficult to answer as a number of factors can affect your viewing range. However, 8x magnification will help you to see an eight times bigger image of the targeted object. If the weather conditions are fine, and the light conditions are perfect, you will be able to see up to 700 to 800 yards without any problem.

Application of 8×56 binoculars

 There are many outdoor activities that require lesser magnification as it helps in giving you stable visulas even if you keep walking. Below are some uses of 8×56 binoculars;

  • Hunting
  • Hiking
  • Birds watching
  • Event watching at low light conditions.

The higher objective lens makes them a very good choice for low-light conditions. If you love watching birds before dawn or after dusk, then we suggest you choose them as you’ll be able to get better visual quality due to better light capturing through the bigger objective lens size.


These 8×56 binoculars are very good, but their heavy weight is the only drawback that we could figure out. If you don’t worry about the weight, these can be your perfect fit. Keep in mind that these optics have more weight because of their bigger-sized objective lens.

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