What Does 8X30 Binoculars Mean? Guide for Beginners!

By Richard

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I’ve been using binoculars since childhood. During my initial days, there were very few options for binos available in the market and one had to be satisfied with them. But things have changed and more and more binocular brands are coming, making the industry full of options. 

As there are so many options and models available,  it can be really confusing to know what the numbers on a binocular represent. So, in this article, I will explain what 8×30 binoculars mean and how it impacts the overall performance of your optics.

In the specification of 8×30 binoculars, 8x represents the magnification power and the second number which is 32 indicates the size of the objective lens. It simply means that these binoculars have an objective lens size of 30 mm which is not really perfect if you love using optics in low-light conditions. 

It was kind of a brief introduction, but I have a lot more information to share with you. So, stay connected till the last word so that you don’t remain confused anymore about 8×30 binoculars.

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What Does 8x Magnification Mean in Binoculars?

Keep in mind that the first number in binocular specifications, such as 8×30, represents the magnification power. Magnification power refers to how much closer an object appears through the binocular lenses. An 8x magnification means that the image seen through the binoculars will appear 8 times closer than the naked eye can see.

What Does 30mm Mean in Binoculars?

The second number in 8×32 binoculars represents the objective lens diameter. The objective lens is the lens located furthest from the eye and is responsible for collecting light to create the image seen through the binoculars. 

The diameter of the objective lens is crucial in determining the brightness and clarity of the image. A larger objective lens diameter means a brighter and clearer image. Bigger sized objective lens means that your binoculars will capture more light and give you sharper and brighter visuals.

So what do 8×30 binoculars mean? When you see a binocular box with a specification of 8×32, then it means that this specific model has a magnification of 8x and an objective lens of 30 mm. In the simplest of words, you’ll be able to see eight times bigger visuals of the targeted object but your visibility in low light conditions will not be perfect.

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How Does 8×30 Binocular Specification Affect Performance?

A larger objective lens diameter means that more light is collected to create the image seen through the binoculars. This leads to a brighter and clearer image, especially in low-light conditions. 

But in 8×32 binoculars, you get a compromised objective lens which means that you won’t be able to see the objects in low light conditions. I recommend you choose an objective lens size of at least 42 or bigger than that. 

Hold on, don’t be said. These binoculars have smaller sized objective lens sizes which means that their size and weight will be on the lower side and they fall in the compact binoculars category.  A larger objective lens diameter also means a larger and heavier binocular, making it less convenient to carry around.

In other words, there is a trade-off between the size of binoculars and the low light usability. When you choose these 8×30 binoculars, you compromise with the low light usability.

Why is 8×30 a Common Specification in Binoculars?

Optimal magnification power and smaller-sized objective lens diameter make them easily portable and those people who love to carry lightweight optics love them due to their lesser weight. The 32 mm of objective lens size makes them compact enough to carry around comfortably. Below are some common reasons why people love these optics;  

What are the Limitations of 8×30 Binoculars?

Not everything made on this planet is perfect. These binoculars have some drawbacks. They have smaller lenses which makess them a kind of inferior choice for those people who use binoculars in low light conditions.

When a binocular has a lesser objective lens size, then it captures less light from the surroundings and gives you an image with lesser brightness. This is the only drawback that you will face with these 8×32 binoculars. If you’re a hunter or birder who loves watching birds before dawn or after dusk, then I don’t suggest you buy these binoculars.

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What are 8×30 binoculars good for?

As said earlier, these binoculars are compact in size and have a very small weight which makes them loved by the outdoor enthusiast. In the below sections, I’ve mentioned some common uses of these optics;

  • Hiking and Trekking
  • Watching sports
  • Wildlife observation
  • Boating and marine observation

The most important reason why I love 8×30 binoculars is their relatively affordable price point. They provide a good balance between image quality, size, weight, and affordability, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced outdoor enthusiasts.


These 8×30 binoculars are perfect for multiple uses and their smaller size makes them stand out. Many buy just because of their portability. In this guide, I’ve explained everything about the specification of 8×30 binoculars. I hope that this guide will add value in your life.

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