What Does 12X50 Binoculars Mean?

By Richard

While searching optics for your outdoor activities, you will come across different binoculars having different specifications. One of them is 12×50 and many people don’t even know ‘‘what does 12×50 binoculars mean’’. You cannot choose the perfect pair without having basic knowledge about the specifications. 

In this guide, we will be talking about 12×50 binoculars and what these numbers stand for. Before going into the explanation, we would like to answer the question briefly for those people who are in a hurry

Answer: 12×50 actually represents the specification which means that specific binoculars have a magnification power of 12x and an objective lens size of 50mm. Both numbers separated by X are very important as they sum up the whole binoculars’ features and specifications. 

It was a brief answer, however, we would love you to read the whole article as we will be covering everything about specification and purpose of 12×50 binoculars. 

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Meaning of 12×50 Binoculars.

In 12×50, there are two numbers that are separated by the alphabet X. The number present on the left side of X indicates or represents the magnification power of the binoculars. The number which is present on the right side of the X indicates the objective lens size. 

You might still be confused about what I mean by magnification power and objective lens size. Actually, magnification power is the ability of the binoculars to increase the size of the object in the image that you get from the binoculars. With 12x magnification, you will be able to see the object 12 times bigger than its actual size.

Magnification power indicates how much magnified image you’re going to get with your binoculars. Objective lens indicates how much light your binoculars will capture to give you a brighter and sharper image. If the objective lens is of a bigger size, it means that binoculars are going to give you a brighter image with good visual brightness. In contrast, if the size is compromised, it means that you’re not going to get a brighter image. 

Directly or indirectly, the objective lens size is responsible for the lowlight usability of binoculars. If a binocular has increased objective lens size, then you will be able to use your optics in low light conditions and vice versa.

Difference Between 10×50 and 12×50 Binoculars

The major difference between 10×50 and 12×50 binoculars is the magnification power. Apart from that, both are excellent and their performance is also very optimal for outdoor activities. The objective lens for both optics is similar, which is 50 mm big and good enough to give you a brighter and sharper image in low light conditions. 

As long as their magnification power is concerned, we’re very much confident that you will find 10×50 a lot better than  12×50 binoculars just because of their lesser magnification power. Keep in mind that higher magnification does not mean that your purchase is going to satisfy your needs.

With 12×50, you will get a closer view but the shakiness in the image will destroy your viewing experience. On the other hand, with 10×50 binoculars, the view will be quite stable and you won’t have to use a tripod stand. 

Key Takeaways: Higher magnification of binoculars makes them very sensitive to small movements. 

Are 12×50 binoculars any good?

Nothing made on this planet is useless and everything has two aspects. However, these binoculars have both good and bad. Although the visuals that you will get won’t be really stable and you’ll have to use a tripod stand to get a stable viewing experience. But they will give you a very close view of the target.

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If you aim to see objects which are very far away from you, then 12×50 binoculars should be your choice as you will get a fully detailed image of very distant objects. The low-light usability of these optics is also up to the mark. 

Many people use their optics at lowlight conditions like before dawn or after dusk. In this situation, the objective lens size of binoculars gets special attention as you want more light to be captured by the binoculars so that you could get a brighter image in low-light conditions. Many people buy 12×50 binoculars because of their excellent low-light usability. 

How far can you see with 12×50 binoculars?

Well, be assured that you will be covering some serious range or distance with these powerful binoculars. The magnification of 12x indicates that you will get a 12 times closer view of the target. The target will look very close to you due to its increased magnification power. However, the field of view of these binoculars will be pretty compromised due to increased magnification power. In rough estimation, you will be able to cover 1000 meters quite comfortably. 


Binoculars are very useful tools but they can be a nightmare if you buy them by not understanding the specifications. Optics are one of those things which can be judged through their specifications. A slight mistake in understanding the number of binoculars can lead you towards choosing the wrong pair along with regrets. We hope that this guide will be helpful for you in understanding the specification of 12×50 binoculars. 

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