What Does 10X42 Binoculars Mean? (Answered)

By Richard

10×42 binoculars are the most used optics in the world. Not only hunters and birdwatches, but many hikers also use them due to their ideal specifications. However, there are many people who don’t know much about these 10×42 binoculars.  So, this guide is to answer the question ‘What does 10×42 binoculars mean’’.

Knowing about the specification of binoculars is very important as they actually guide you about the capabilities and features of optics. In case you’re not aware of optics’ specifications,  we suggest you learn that otherwise, you will end up making the wrong call while purchasing the binoculars. 

Brief Answer: In 10×42 binoculars, 10x represents the magnification power whereas 42 represents the size of the objective lens. The alphabet X is associated with the magnification power.

It was just a brief introduction and we have got a lot more information to give you in-depth information about the specification of 10×42 binoculars so stay connected with us.

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Meaning of 10X42 Binoculars

In 10×42 binoculars there are two numbers that are separated by the alphabet X The number which is present on the left side of x indicates the magnification power of binoculars. The number which is present on the right side of X indicates objective lens size.

It is important to know that the objective lens size and magnification power of binoculars are very important factors to consider when you make a buying decision. While entering the shop, or optical store, you will see boxes of binoculars and the specification will be written on those boxes.

By reading 10 specifications that are printed on the boxes you should be able to know the capabilities and features of binoculars. If the box has a specification of 10×42, then you should immediately know that this specific binocular has a magnification power of 10x and an objective lens size of 42 mm.

How far can you see with 10×42 binoculars?

It is not an easy job to tell how much range a binocular will cover. However, the magnification of 10x indicates that your target will look 10 times bigger than its actual size. For example, if your target is 1000 meters away from you then with these binoculars you will be able to see the image of the target if it is sitting just 100 m away from you.

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In case you are going to use your binoculars in low light conditions then you should be confident that the 42 mm of the objective lens will cover or collect a better amount of light. The capture of more light will give you a brighter and sharper image. So in cloudy weather in low light conditions, you will be able to see clear visuals of objects which are very far from you.

Are 10×42 binoculars any good?

To be honest, 10×42 binoculars are my favorite because of the different reasons that we are going to discuss in this section. Above all, these give you a steady viewing experience and you will not observe any shakiness in the image. Mostly when you choose binoculars with higher magnification, then the visuals get too unstable which is totally a mess for your weaving experience

But these have an optimal magnification of 10x which is very good and you can use time without the help of a tripod stand. Another good thing is that these binoculars have a mid-sized objective lens which does not increase their overall weight and makes them a good option to carry in your hands while traveling, hunting, or hiking.

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Usage of 10X42 binoculars

Desh binoculars are famous among all outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you meet a hunter, a hiker or a passionate birder, you will always hear good things about these 10×43 binoculars. These are very versatile optics and are being used in different purchases and serving many outdoor enthusiasts. Following is the usage of these optics;

  • Safari
  • Hunting
  • Traveling
  • Birds watching
  • Trekking and hiking


In this guide, we have tried our level best to give you an in-depth explanation of the specification of 10×42 binoculars. In short, these objects have 10x magnification and 42 mm of objective lens size which is considered ideal for many outdoor activities. Hoping that this guide will be a great help in making your decision easier. See you with another helpful guide.

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