What Affects the life of Binoculars? (Myth Debunked)

By Richard

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Does everyday usage damage the binoculars? It is very important to know as no one likes to put their optics at risk of getting damaged.

It is usually said that using binoculars on a daily basis destroys the binoculars. In fact, many optics users stop using their optics just because of the fear of their optics getting wear and tear. Is it true? In this guide, we will know the reality.

Brief Answer: Everyday use does not harm your binoculars. Your optics will last for decades if you use them correctly and keep them in their carrying case after use. Many people have 15 to 20-year-old binoculars that they use on a daily basis for bird watching and hunting. The carelessness in the use is the actual reason that damages the binos.

Are you willing to know more about those factors which destroy the quality of binoculars? If yes, stay with us as we’re going to give you in-depth knowledge about those factors which will secure your binoculars.

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Is Using Binoculars on a Regular Basis Bad?

It is a famous myth that if you use your optics too often, you will end up losing them. Actually, it is not true. There is no relation between the longevity of binoculars and extensive usage. In fact, your binoculars can remain with you for decades if you take care of them. 

It has been seen that people do have binoculars that are 15 to 20 years old and are still to go for upcoming years. Many people take antique binoculars and take special care of them to ensure they don’t lose. 

The durability of binoculars is related to the care they take. If you’re a reckless person who uses things harshly, then binoculars won’t last for 6 months. On the other hand, if you take care of them, then it is more likely that your binoculars will be loyal friends of yours for years. 

Factors that Affect the Life of Binoculars

If you’re new to optics and have recently purchased a good pair of binoculars, you should be aware of the things that are harmful for your binoculars. The following are some of the factors or reasons that may have led to your binoculars getting damaged.

1- Harsh usage

Harsh usage is the most important factor that causes binoculars to wear out. We have seen many folks who are always careless in their approach to things. Throwing binoculars from a distance because they are made of strong material is completely incorrect and is one of the reasons your binoculars do not last as long. It is ideal if you use them daily, but with proper care.

2- Using them with dirty hands

This usually happens with hunters who remain in the field for an extended duration. They don’t bother cleaning their hands before using binoculars. Their dirty hands leave a bad impact on the lenses of binoculars. With time the dirtiness starts getting severe which ends up destroying your binoculars. Make sure to use binoculars with cleaned hands as the dust or debris can destroy the lenses.

3- Using in Rain

Some people save money by purchasing non-waterproof binoculars. However, they are careless with keeping them away from water. As a result, they start using binoculars with wet hands or even in the rain. Moisture gets inside the binoculars and ruins the lenses. When the moisture goes inside of binoculars, then you see a blurry image. So, it is better to buy waterproof binoculars.

Are binoculars actually too fragile?

In the past, there was little technology, and manufacturers used to make binoculars out of weak rubber material. As a result, the binoculars were frail and only lasted a few months. However, times have changed.

Manufacturers are now focusing on quality by using higher-grade and more durable materials. For example, most manufacturers employ magnesium and aluminum to make the body and housing of binoculars, which provides strength to the entire binocular. As a result, it is safe to conclude that modern binoculars are not fragile. However, the use of a strong body material does not imply that binoculars should be neglected.

Importance of using a Carrying Case

Almost all the binocular-producing brands give a free carrying case when you buy a new pair of binoculars. It is a very useful accessory if you use it correctly. The purpose of this carrying case is to save your binoculars from the dust and debris going inside your binoculars. 

When you are not using your binoculars, keep them in their carrying case so that dust particles do not come into contact with the lenses.. If the dust succeeds in reaching the lenses, then your binoculars will start giving you a blurry image. Using the carry case saves your binoculars and gives them a long life.


There is no doubt that binoculars are very useful tools that help you see the target with a closer eye. They are very strong and using them every day is not going to have any bad impact. However, when you start using them harshly then they start giving you issues and force you to think about reselling them to the new owner. So, it is ideal to use them with proper care so that they last longer with you.

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