Vortex Diamondback vs Viper Binoculars — Detailed Comparison

By Richard

Vortex Optics is a brand that doesn’t require any introduction, manufacturing optical instruments since 2004. They are not limited to offering only hunting binoculars but also other optical equipment like scopes, red dot sight, monoculars, etc. 

We always emphasize the brands and their importance in buying binoculars. According to Stephen King,

“A product can be quickly outdated, but a successful brand is timeless.”

Once you buy a product from a brand, it gives you surety of quality and control over your purchase. This guide will discuss two well-known optical equipment manufactured by the same brand called Vortex.

Vortex Viper Binocular Vs. Diamondback is a famous war even though both of these products belong to the same family, but users, especially those fond of hunting, keep them in comparison and make them hot rivals. If you are also looking for Vortex Viper HD vs Diamondbacks, here is the short answer for you

In the battle between Vortex Diamondback and Viper, Vortex Viper Binoculars are the best for clarity in vision and useability in low light conditions. HD lenses, good eye relief, and field of view set vortex viper far apart from Diamondbacks binoculars. But if you have a tight budget, the Vortex Diamondbacks binoculars are suitable for you.

Do you want a more detailed answer? Keep reading to find out which binocular, either vortex viper or Diamondback is the best for outdoor adventures, especially hunting.

Comparison Table between Vortex Diamondback vs Viper Binoculars

Features Vortex Viper 10X42 binocular Vortex Diamondback 10X42 binocular Winner
Field of view 341 330 Viper
Magnification 10x 10x Tie
Water-resistant Yes Yes Tie
Exit pupil 4.2 4.2 Tie
Prism Type Roof Roof Tie
Focus system Central Central Tie
Weight 1.5 pounds 1.3 pounds Diamondback
Size 5.6 × 4.9 5.7 × 5.1 Viper
HD lenses Yes No Viper
Close Focus 6.5 feet 5 feet Viper
Eye relief 17 mm 15 mm Viper
Low light useability Yes No Viper
Prices Check on Amazon Check on Amazon Diamondback

Similarities between Vortex Viper 10X42 binoculars and 10X42 Diamondback binoculars

Before diving deep into the comparison and knowing the differences, it is important to know the similarities between these two binoculars. Both viper and diamondbacks are quite similar. Only those who have used both can tell the minute differences. 

The reason is that the distinction between them is quite small, but those smaller dissimilarities have some impact on the performance and quality of their work. Let’s find out the similarities between vortex viper and diamondbacks binoculars.


Both vortex viper HD and Diamondbacks binoculars have the same magnification of 10x. It means that by using these binoculars, the actual object or target will look ten times bigger than the actual size. More magnification helps in informing the hunter about every minute detail of the targeted object. 

In the case of magnification power, both binoculars get equal marks and do well on the hunting ground. If you don’t know much about the magnification power of a binocular, worry not! We have already made a complete guide on how to choose binoculars where magnification is explained completely.

Water and fog proof

These binoculars have strong o-ring sealings and perform excellently in the rain and fog. Due to the strong sealings, moisture can’t go inside these binoculars. 

Even If the moisture reaches inside, the nitrogen purging does not let it stay there. So we can say that both of these binoculars are water and fog-resistant and can be used in extreme weather conditions.

Exit pupil

The exit pupil is a small whitish circle present on the eyepiece. The size of the exit pupil is very important. The optimal size of the exit pupil makes an image brighter, clearer, and sharper. 

In both vortex viper HD and Diamondbacks binoculars, the exit pupil is 4.2 mm, which is very good. The size of the ideal exit pupil is 5mm. Anything below 2.5mm is considered poorer. 

Prism type and Coating on the lens

Both these binoculars have multi-coating layers on the lenses. This multi-coating increases the transmission of light. Due to the increased transmission of light, the image looks more vibrant and brighter. 

Both the vortex binoculars have roof prisms. Due to roof prism, they are not too heavy and give good results in the field. Furthermore, compared to the Porro prism, the Roof prism binoculars offer more magnification strength.

Focus system

Both of these binoculars have a central focus system. This system gives a single knob or wheel for both tubes to adjust the focus of both eyes.

Differences between Vortex Viper HD and Diamondbacks binoculars

Those who have already used these binoculars know the difference between them. These are so good and almost equal in performance that a beginner can’t even spot the differences. But there is a disparity between them. Let’s have a peek at them

Field of View (FOV)

The field of view represents the area that a user can see throw the binocular without moving it. Vortex offers a very good field in both of these two beasts.

FOV of Vortex Viper 10X42 HD

It has a total FOV of 341 feet. More field of view means that the hunter gets more space to locate the target without moving the binoculars. 341 feet is outstanding numbers

FOV of Vortex Diamondback 10X42 HD

Vortex Diamondback gets defeated by just 11 feet as it has a total FOV of 330 feet. Eleven feet of difference won’t make any significant impact for a person who is just new to optics. But those who are experienced and use all types of binoculars know the importance of those 11 feet’ difference in the field of view. So vortex viper has the upper hand in the case of FOV.


None of us like to carry the useless burden in the hunting field. Therefore, lightweight binoculars should be prioritized over heavy-weight hunting binoculars. 

The weight of a vortex diamondback is almost 1.3 pounds, whereas the weight of vortex viper binoculars is over 1.5 pounds. There is a small difference in weight, but Diamondback wins the lightweight hunting binoculars race.


Small-sized binoculars are good to handle during outdoor activities. However, in our previous guides, we recommended choosing compact binoculars and skipping the bigger-sized binoculars.

The dimension of vortex viper binoculars is 5.6 × 4.9.

  • 5.6 inches is the size of the height of these binoculars
  • 4.9 inches is the width of these binoculars. 

The dimensions of Diamondbacks binoculars are 5.7 × 5.1.

  •  5.7 is the size of the height 
  •  5.1 inches is the width 

It shows that the vortex viper HD binoculars are more compact and smaller than Diamondbacks. As said earlier, we recommend compact and small-sized binoculars, so vortex viper wins the race of being the smaller and easier-to-handle binoculars.

HD lenses

Vortex viper comes with HD lenses, whereas the competitor doesn’t have the quality of HD lenses. Don’t be fooled by the name ” Vortex Diamondback HD 10X42″. HD here doesn’t mean that they have HD lenses. Diamondbacks have just HD select glass elements. 

The HD lens in vortex viper gives more clarity in the results, letting you see the brighter and sharper image. Due to not having an HD lens, Diamondbacks might give a blurry image corner. But the vortex viper gives an equally sharper image from all the edges.

Before dawn till dusk, the vortex viper can be used in all low-light conditions. Thanks to HD lenses, these binoculars perform equally in low light, notably in the evening or early morning, from sunrise to twilight. Unfortunately, diamondbacks are far behind in useability in low-light circumstances.

Close focus

If you want to buy a binocular for birding, sightseeing, or long-distance hunting, you must consider close focus before making your purchase.

Close focus is the closest distance that can be focused through binoculars. Thus, you will see more focused and zoomed objects with better and higher close focus. 

As said earlier, both Viper and Diamondbacks have the same magnification of 10x. But the close focus is different in both binoculars, which puts a difference in magnification power.

The close focus over 5 feet is considered optimal. The vortex viper HD binoculars have a close focus of 6.5, whereas its competition has a close focus of just 5 feet. So with vortex viper, you will be able to see more magnified images than Diamondback. 

It is fair to say that vortex viper should be the first choice if you’re looking to buy binoculars for birding, sightseeing, or long-distance hunting. 


The most important factor that can make or break a deal is the durability of binoculars. If a binocular is fragile, it’s a waste of money. 

Both vortex vipers and Diamondbacks are polycarbonate rubber-armored, giving them the strength to undergo extreme physical conditions. They can even bear shocks and can be said to be shock-proof binoculars.

Both have an agronomic and sleek design, enhancing their outlook and increasing grip. In this case, both vortex viper and Diamondbacks have got all their bases covered, so the competition results in a draw here.

Eye relief

Eye life is a factor to consider for those who wear glasses due to weak eyesight. 

Eye relief is defined as the distance between the eyepiece and the point where the eye can see through binoculars. Eyepiece varies in different binoculars. Optimal eye relief is 15mm, but eye relief must be 17 plus to get comfortable viewing if you wear glasses.

The vortex viper binoculars have an eye relief of 17 mm, whereas the opponent has a total eye relief of 15mm. Therefore, the vortex viper gives better and more comfortable eye relief and wins the race to be more comfortable for those with weak eyesight.

Additional accessories that you will get free:

Both vortex viper and Diamondbacks belong to the same brand, and you’re going to get similar extras. For example, if you purchase any of these two binoculars, you will get the following for free.

  • Eyepiece cover
  • Objective lens cover
  • Harness
  • carrying case
  • Neck strap

These accessories cost you extra bucks if you buy them separately. But Vortex gives you all those mini products free if you buy any vortex viper or Viper Diamondback. So in the case of giving accessories, both the products come with the same value, and the race is a draw.

Prices differences

The factor that draws a line between these binoculars is the price. Unfortunately, not all of us have equal affordability and the power to spend the money. 

Vortex offers big price differences between the two products. However, the Diamondbacks binoculars are relatively cheaper, and everyone from poor to rich can afford these binoculars. 

In contrast, Vortex Viper HD binoculars are 3x more expensive, and only a few can afford them. But those who love hunting and know the importance of a good pair of binoculars will spend money on vortex viper. The quality that Vortex offers in Viper is matchless.

The higher prices mean more quality and better results. Diamondbacks are also very good and stay one step behind Viper HD binoculars. If you can’t afford Viper and have a tight budget, Diamondbacks HD binoculars are made for you.

Final Verdict on Vortex Diamondbacks HD binoculars

Diamondback binoculars are a handy optical instrument that can be bought at less price but gives an excellent viewing experience. Lower prices never mean that these binoculars are compromised with quality. Due to non-HD lenses and a lack of ED glasses, the corner of the image might look blurry, but that won’t have a big impact. 

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Eyecups are adjustable
  • Strong body and top-notch built quality
  • The image will look blurred from the corner if used for long-distance viewing

Final Verdicts on Vortex Viper HD binoculars

Apart from high prices, these binoculars are matchless and set themselves far apart from their competitors. The clarity in image brightness and usability in the low light condition is outstanding. Moreover, binoculars are purchased not just for bright sunny days, but also for low-light situations. So, the vortex Viper 10X42 HD binoculars are very good in low light conditions. 

Whether you use them from dawn to dusk in the evening, these pairs of binoculars won’t disappoint you in any way.

  • HD lens to give clarity in images
  • Useable in low light conditions
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ideal eye relief and eyepiece
  • Durability with a lifetime guarantee
  • Color rendition is second to none
  • Water and fog-resistant
  • Prices are high and not everyone can afford them.

Announcement of Winner

Due to better image quality, HD lenses, and field of view, the vortex viper HD binoculars remain on top and win the race. Even though the margin between them is almost negligible, once you use any of these binoculars, you will be able to see the difference that we have discussed in our guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Vortex Viper better than the Diamondback?

Arguably, yes! Due to a better HD lens, clear images, eye relief, and field of view, Vortex Viper has the upper hand on Diamondback. Additionally, the ability of Viper to be used in the low-light condition is matchless.

Are Vortex Viper binoculars worth it?

Yes! Vortex Viper outperforms competitors in all departments. Due to high-definition lenses, edge-to-edge clarity, and strong built quality, Vortex Viper binoculars are worth it.

Are Vortex binoculars good for hunting?

10X42 Vortex Viper HD binoculars are the best for hunting in the field. These binoculars will be equally good in bad weather and low and light conditions.

Should I buy Vortex Viper or Diamondbacks?

It depends on your affordability. Due to better performance, we recommend Vortex Viper binoculars to buy if you have a handsome budget.


There is no doubt that Vortex is one of the bosses in the optical industry, and their products are ruling. Both vortex viper and Diamondbacks are equally good in all aspects. But a few minor differences pull them apart. We have tried our best to differentiate them and guide our readers on which one is the best. 

It’s all about affordability. If you have a good budget, choose vortex viper HD 10X42 binoculars. But if you have limited resources, we recommend you to Diamondbacks. 

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