Should you Use a Binocular Case if Yes which ONE? Know before Regret!

By Richard

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Binoculars are not very cheap and you’ll have to spend a handsome budget to buy a nice pair. So, after spending so much money, no one likes their optics to be broken just because they don’t have a proper case or cover. 

In recent times, the cover for devices has become very common. People use a protective cover for their mobile phones, and all other electronic devices to ensure that if they accidentally fall down, they remain safe. 

Similarly, a binocular case is also a kind of protection for the binos and they keep your optics safe from breaking if they fall accidentally. Almost all the modern brands give binoculars case free when you buy a new pair of binoculars for them.

Should you use a binocular case? Yes, you should always use a case as it saves your binoculars from the accidental falls and keep them secure against dust, debris, and other contaminants when they are not in use.

If your old case is not strong enough, you may feel the need to change the binoculars. So, in this case, you should choose to give your binoculars perfect protection. This is going to be our topic in today’s guide. 

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What is a Binocular Case?

The case for binoculars is protection that saves them from dirt, dirt, and accidental falls. When you go out, you carry binoculars in their carry case which help them to be secured and don’t get any sort of dust and stickiness. Many optics users complain about falling and breaking binoculars. But with a proper carrying case, your optics will be secured. The binoculars case fit perfectly and it is made in the shape of binoculars.

What case should You use for Binoculars?

Everyone knows that many optics brands are there working and producing carrying cases. But we won’t restrict you to the brands. In fact, our aim will be to give you detailed information about the right carry case so that you decide which case will prove to be good protection for your binoculars. 

  • The first and most important feature of a carrying case is to have it soft padded inside the carrying case. This soft padding present inside will give a kind of cushion to your binoculars. So, when the carrying case falls down, your binoculars will be protected due to cushioning.
  • The outer side of your binoculars case must be very strong as it will be exposed to rain, hot weather, and rough usage. If the outer part is not strong, it won’t be able to bear harsh usage or high temperature. We suggest you buy those carrying cases whose outer part is made up of metallic material.
  • We don’t have any specific brand to tell you. All the case manufacturing brands are doing good. When you’ve complete knowledge then you feel less perplexed and end up buying the right binoculars case that protects your binoculars. Inner cushioning and outer material are the two most important factors that you should see in new cases. 

Drawbacks of ignoring carry case

When you keep your binoculars in your hands, instead of putting them in the carrying case, you’re actually compromising the safety of your optics. Below are the potential disadvantages that you may see when you don’t use a carrying case.

  • Dust will go inside binoculars
  • Moisture may make contact with your binoculars
  • They may slip off your hands and break
  • You’ll get tired by holding them in your hands
  • The easiest way for carrying binoculars for an extended duration.

How to Carry Your Binoculars?

There are many ways to carry binoculars when you go out. However, almost all of them are not going to give you satisfaction about the security and safety of binoculars except a few. In the section below, we will guide you about how you should carry your binoculars in an appropriate way when you’re going out.

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1- Use a carrying case

When you’ve decided to go out hunting, birding, or hiking, make sure to use a carrying case as it will save your binoculars from potential damage if they slip off your hands while walking. Choose those cases which have inner cushioning or pads and a good outer body.

2- Use Neck Strap

If you’re not going too far away, another useful way of carrying binoculars is to hand them around your neck and let them float freely instead of carrying them in your hands. Remember that this is a solution if you’re not going to use binoculars for an extended duration. However, the hanging binoculars will put all the weight on your shoulder and you’ll feel pain if you’re using them for an extended duration.

3- Binoculars Harness

In case you’re going to use binoculars for a long day, we recommend you choose a good binoculars harness to ensure that the weight does come to your shoulder and you don’t feel any sort of pain. The harness has a small pouch in which you can put your binoculars and keep them close to your chest. It is probably one of the safest and easiest ways to carry binoculars for an extended duration.


Carrying binoculars without using their carrying case is going to be a big mistake on your part. People spend money on binoculars and then by not caring properly, then end up losing all-important binoculars. The case should have inner cushioning and outer strength so that they could protect your binoculars properly. We hope this guide will prove helpful.

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