How to Identify the Old Binoculars?

By Richard

Many people love collecting old products like spoons, books, knives, tickets, coins, and anything which helps in making their bond with history. Similarly, there are few outdoor enthusiasts who have a hobby of collecting older and vintage binoculars. 

But, they always find it difficult to identify the model and brand of binoculars. In this guide, we will be talking about how to identify the old binoculars so that you have a better idea of which brand and model you’re having in your cabin.

Brief Answer: All vintage binoculars have the model, brand name, and specifications printed on the body. If the binoculars you found have got rust, make sure to remove all the rust carefully and find the name which is printed on them

It is not an easy job to find vintage binoculars, and if you have found one, make sure to clean it and know its model and specification. In this below section, we will guide you on how you can identify the old optics.

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How to identify vintage binoculars?

Identifying the old binoculars is very easy as every brand that produces optics prints their logo, brand name, and specification on the body of binoculars. But most people find it difficult to locate it because their binoculars have got rust. 

If you have found vintage binoculars that don’t have rust on them, you should clean the dust and check the printed logo, brand name, and specification which will help in identification. In the past, companies used to print their logo in very small places. It will take some time to find the printed markings. 

However, another possibility is that your optics have got rusty which is stopping you from seeing the model name and specification. So, you will have to remove all the rust first. It is noteworthy that using a harsh approach while removing the rust can take the print off.

The best practice for removing the rust is to leave your binoculars in hot water for a few hours. Due to hot water, your binoculars will start leaving the rust off. After a few hours, take a brush and start cleaning the binoculars gently. This will remove all the rust and eventually you will be able to see the printed brand name, model, and specification.

What were old binoculars called?

Initially, binoculars used to be known as opera glasses. Later on, the name changed to field glasses. However, both these names were also used to indicate two different types of binoculars. 

For example, small binoculars that were made for indoor usages like concerts or any game used to be called opera glasses. On the other hand, the binoculars that were made for outdoor activities like hunting were known as field glass. 

In the past, different names were used for binoculars. The famous name that was used in the past bins. In the previous guide, we have written the reason why binoculars were used to be called bins.

Are older binoculars good?

Vintage binoculars are collected as a hobby. For hobbyists, showcasing them in the cabin gives them special feelings. To be honest, they don’t work well if you’re expecting them to give you a decent viewing experience. Most of the vintage binoculars you find are rusty and you will have to restore them before keeping them in your cabin.

How do you check the quality of binoculars?

The quality of the binoculars can be checked by their durability and visual quality. If the optics are very much capable of giving you a clearer image and don’t break quickly are the ones who deserved to be bought. You cannot count optics as a quality product if they are fragile and give you a compromised viewing experience.

Is it easy to find Vintage binoculars?

Well, if you’re lucky, only then you will be able to get one vintage binocular which is in fine condition. However, finding the old product is really tough as most of the vintage stuff has already been collected. 

However, there are few places where you can buy them. eBay is the online platform that auctions old products like binoculars etc. If you’re interested, you can bid there. Moreover, many vintage shops operate in almost all countries and you can find vintage binoculars there as well. Keep in mind that you can buy a vintage product, however, finding them is really tough – near to impossible.


You’re in luck if you’ve discovered an old pair of binoculars. So it’s important to recognize the brand and model of vintage binoculars you own. It is good to be aware of the specifications when you exhibit them in your cabin. This article will show you how to identify the brand name, specification, and model name printed on the body of binoculars.