How Far Can the Average Military Binocular See?

By Richard

It is a myth that military binoculars are very strong and have the capability of very far objects. Is it true? I personally had military binoculars that did a good job of giving me clear visuals, but they were not as good as people talk about military binoculars.

In this guide, I will be talking about the range and limitations of military binoculars and what distance they can help you to see. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive deep into the main part of binoculars.

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What are military binoculars?

People believe that military binoculars have a very high magnification power and a bigger-sized objective lens which is totally false. On the basis of this myth, people think that military binoculars can help them see very far away.

Actually, military binoculars are known for that name due to their strong build quality and robust body. Cops go through different outdoor conditions and chances are higher that fragile binoculars cannot bear the stress and harsh usage.

So, military binoculars are made with very strong material which gives them excellent strength and makes them able to bear extreme physical conditions. Due to their body strength, they are called military binoculars. The name has no relation with magnification power or objective lens size. Below are some features that military binoculars are equipped with;

  • Water & fog proofing
  • Ideal eye relief for comfortability
  • Good gripping and handling
  • Brighter and sharper visuals with good contrast and resolution

How far can you see with military binoculars?

Most military men use 7x and 8x magnification power which is considered very good for viewing far objects. You will not see police officers or any cops using very high magnification power because the visuals get too shaky with higher magnification power.

If we consider 7x as the standard magnification power for military binoculars, they will be able to see the seven times bigger visuals of the targeted objects. The stability of the visuals will be excellent with this kind of magnification power.

How far can you see with military binoculars? To be more accurate, you’ll be able to see objects which are 1500 to 2000 yards away from you. It means they have the ability to give you clear visuals up to the 1.5 to 1.8 km range.

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What objective lens size is good for military binoculars?

Ideally, cops remain out day and night and they do need binoculars almost every time. There is no limitation or restriction of time. So, they use higher objective lens sizes so that their binoculars capture more light and give them brighter and sharper visuals. 

Most of the time, outdoor enthusiasts fear choosing bigger-sized objects as they make binoculars heavier which can be difficult to carry out. But when it comes to military men, they don’t find it difficult to carry slightly heavier binoculars. 

The ideal objective lens size of military binoculars is 50 mm. The optics with this objective lens gives you perfect visuals in low light conditions. The cops can use binoculars with 50 mm objective lenses in low light conditions and get better results.

My experience with military binoculars

In the recent past, I had Steiner tactical binoculars and it was just perfect for my outdoor activities. Having a magnification power of 7x and an objective lens of 50 mm, those binoculars had excellent visual quality and a very strong body. In fact, they slipped off my hands on the floor, but their strong bodies did not break at all. 

You might be thinking that its size would be much bigger due to the increased objective lens. The size of those binoculars was not too big and I was able to hold them in one hand. Due to holding them in one hand, they slipped several times but remained safe. Below is a picture of my own used Steiner binoculars.

My own binoculars
I bought these Steiner binoculars in 2021


I hope that you now have a better understanding of military binoculars about their viewing range. Keep in mind that how far you can see with binoculars depends on the magnification power. Military binoculars are not known for their viewing limit; instead, they are because of their strong build quality. You can buy any binoculars with strong magnification power and you’ll be good to view objects that are very far away.

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