How Do You Carry Binoculars on a Hike?

By Richard

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Hiking is one of the most thrilling activities. Many take it as a complete sport whereas others do hiking as a hobby. However, no one can ignore the fact that hiking is one of those activities which help you explore the world.

While walking on mountains, you see different scenes that leave a positive impact on your mind. But using binoculars for hiking is something that uplifts the viewing experience. Not only in terms of getting a closer view of beautiful places, but they also help you in seeing the path.

But the issue is that binoculars are fragile outdoor equipment and can break easily. So, how will you carry them on hiking? A slight mistake in holding or carrying them can leave you in trouble. In this blog post, we will give you the best instruction that will help you carry binoculars on hiking trips.

How to carry binoculars on a hike?

How to carry binoculars on a hike

There are different ways to carry binoculars when you use them for your outdoor activities. It is an unfortunate fact that all optics including binoculars are fragile due to the usage of lenses. So, slight mistakes in carrying them can cause problems. 

One may think to use a carry case which can be a very good option for keeping your binoculars safe from falls. But is it realistic that your binoculars will remain packed and you feel like your binoculars are inaccessible for viewing? 

Will you open the carry case every time you need your binoculars? This is not the best way to go. However, we have got an ultimate solution by using backstrap. Using the neck strap makes your binoculars safe and you can easily use them.

Neck Strap is a thread that remains around your neck. You can attach your binoculars with this strap. In this way, your optics will remain on your chest. So, you can use it whenever you need it for viewing. 

You might think about the harness to use. But we totally disagree with the usage of the harness as it can make you feel tight, and make you irritated. Keep in mind that hiking is something you want to enjoy. If you feel uncomfortable with the harness, then chances are high that your fun will be disturbed

Neck Strap is probably the safest way as it keeps your binoculars protected from accidental falls. Moreover, if you feel tired, you can remove the neck strap quite easily without the help of your second person. 

Can you carry heavier binoculars with a neck strap?

Neck Straps are very strong and they are very much capable of carrying binoculars that are very heavier. However, you won’t feel comfortable when you use bulkier binoculars and your neck will feel the burden and pain. It is not about whether the neck strap can carry the binoculars or not, it’s all about whether can you bear the pain the heavier binoculars will give when attached to a neck strap.

It is always said that you should buy binoculars that are lightweight and easy to carry. There are many options in the market that are lightweight. It is a myth that lightweight binoculars are lacking in terms of features. It is totally wrong as you will get similar features in lightweight optics as you get for heavier and bulkier binoculars.

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Why are binoculars important for hiking?

Binoculars are very vital tools when you go for the purpose of enjoying outdoor activities. For hiking, binos are must-have equipment. There are two main reasons that force hikers to use them.

  • They help the hikers to see the paths.
  • They also help the hikers to get a closer view of targeted objects.

There can be many benefits. However, for hikers, binoculars are premium tools for getting a closer view of objects that are very far away from them. Standing at the high mountains, using binoculars to get the beauty of nature is something that refreshes your mind.

Tips for hikers who use binoculars

Carrying binoculars on the hike is not a bad idea as they will help you in navigation and get a closer view of natural beauty and wildlife. However, there are a few tips that will make your binoculars save and uplift your viewing experience.

  • Don’t use binoculars that have very strong magnification power as they will be difficult to control
  • Never use a carrying case as it can stop you from using binoculars frequently
  • A neckstrap is always better than using a binocular harness
  • Choose binoculars with better visual quality i-e lenses should be FMC


In the previous guide, we have given the ideal options that will give excellent results for hiking and we would like to read that as well. However, optics are fragile equipment and you should keep special care of them so that they don’t fall accidentally. For making them safe, using a neck strap is an ideal way to go. We hope this guide will add value to your life.

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