What are Airshows & How do binoculars help watching them?

By Richard

Watching flying planes is a hobby to some and a one-time desire to others. Especially those people who are from villages and don’t usually see planes seem to be more excited about watching the airplanes with a closer view.

So, these people when attending any airshows, they want to see a very close view of flying the planes. Without binoculars, no one can ever have a closer picture as the plane remains far away.

In the excitement to see planes, when the people leave their homes to attend the airshow, one question that comes to their mind is is it ok to use binoculars at airshows? This is going to be our answer in today’s guide.

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What are airshows?

Airshows are events that are held annually by governments as a recreational activity for plane lovers. People who used to see planes flying very far away can see the closer view of the aircraft. Many people around the world love such shows and buy tickets quickly to ensure that they don’t miss the chance of watching aircraft.

Examples of airshows include Farnborough, Dubai air show, and Singapore Air Show which are very famous among the people. In fact, Famborough air show is considered the world’s most participated sport in terms of people gatherings.

Can you bring binoculars to the airshows?

The answer is yes, you can bring binoculars and cameras to air shows and you won’t be stopped at all. However, you’ll have to show your equipment to security guards which will check your stuff, and then you’ll be asked to go inside to enjoy your day.

There is no restriction on using binoculars. In fact, it is supported that the viewers get a closer view of the planes by sitting on their chairs with the usage of a proper set of binoculars. However, you should follow the guidelines if the administration has any.

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Why should you use binoculars at airshows?

Binoculars are very important for airshows as they can change the overall experience and give you more detailed visuals. It is the fact that you don’t get the opportunity to see the closer view of aircraft. Although you can see them flying very far away, that’s not exciting due to the distance.

So, airshows are the only events where you can go and watch the plane with closer views. In such a case, binoculars give you a closer view of the target and make you able to see the very detailed visuals. Another advantage of using binoculars for airshows is that you stop running the race of sitting on the front chairs.

With the right pair of binoculars, you can sit anywhere and see the whole scene with comfort. Make sure to buy suitable magnification power for viewing the aircraft. So, you won’t have to spend more money on buying the front tickets as they are slightly more expensive as compared to the rear seats.


Binoculars are indeed very helpful in giving you a closer view of the airshows. You won’t have to sit in the front seats to see a better view. In fact, you can sit anywhere and by using binoculars, you’ll be able to get a closer view of the aircraft. It worth buying binoculars for airshows.

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