Do You Need a Binocular Harness if Yes WHY?

By Richard

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Have you just heard about a Binocular harness and you are thinking whether you need Need it? It is confusing when you don’t have enough knowledge about the thing which you want to use. So we’re going to give you in-depth information about Binocular harnesses and give you a clear answer whether you need it or not.

Before going to answer the question, let’s be very honest, you should always be adaptive to new technologies and stuff which are made to enhance the productivity of your work. Harnesses are just like that. If you don’t use them, that’s fine but using them can give you more fun.

It is not mandatory for you to wear a binocular harness and you can have a decent viewing experience without a harness as it does directly affect your viewing experience. However, the usage of binoculars gives you many benefits and helps you view everything comfortably. So, we recommend you use binoculars’ harnesses.

We have done complete research about the perks of binocular harnesses. In fact, we do use harnesses when you go out hunting and it gives perfect usability. Stay connected as a lot more is coming your way.

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Reasons Why Binocular Harness Must Be Used

Regardless of whether you’re a hunter, birder, or natural beauty lover, using a harness will make your life easier and you’ll love walking around and enjoying the scene through the barrel of binoculars. It is important to guide you that using a harness is not going to be your must-do task. Without a harness, you can use binoculars and get a decent viewing experience.

But when you use binoculars, it makes a hell of a difference and gives you the freedom to move freely but not carry optics in your hands. There are many benefits of using a harness and we’re going to give you in-depth information about those benefits.

1- Freedom from carrying binoculars in hands

Holding binoculars in your hands all the time can be frustrating and you can easily get tired. But with the right binoculars harness, you can just put your binoculars in the pouch and forget about them. Putting binoculars in a pouch of the harness is 100% safe and you can move freely without carrying them in your hands.

2- Don’t miss anything – use binoculars immediately

When you don’t use a harness, you are more likely to miss many beautiful scenes while observing nature. Not having a harness means your optics will be in the carrying case. So, each time you need your binoculars, you will have to unpack the carry case to use them. This can waste much of your time and you can miss the scenes. But when you have a binocular harness, you can immediately use binoculars as they will be very close to you, hanging on your chest.

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3- Binoculars remain safe from falling

If you’re a hunter then you must have come across the pain of breaking down the binoculars as they slip off your hands while moving in the chase of bucks. But with a binocular harness, you keep your binoculars in the pouch which saves your binoculars from accidental falls. After using them, you can simply put them in the harness pouch and keep moving without worrying about anything.

4- Security of binoculars

Well, binoculars are pricey and they can get stolen if you don’t keep them under your eyes. One of my friends’ binoculars got stolen last time we had a hunting trip and he was literally in pain as he was about to miss the ultimate hunting experience. But when you’ve a binoculars harness, then you keep binoculars closest to you and there is no chance for them to be stolen by anyone.

5- Saves you from extra burden and pain

All outdoor enthusiasts know that carrying binoculars in their hands can be frustrating and cause pain. You might think of using a neck strap instead of a harness but you’ll end up regretting when the binoculars’ weight will hurt your shoulder when you attach them with a neck strap. However, using a binocular harness saves you from the pain and you’ll feel at ease as your binoculars will be on the chest and you won’t be feeling any burden at all.

Binoculars’ harness vs neck strap – Which one is the superior option?

Neck Strap is a good option if your usage is not very extensive. However, if you use binoculars for an extended duration then using a neck strap will cause pain. The whole weight of binoculars will come to your shoulders which will make it very hard for you to use a neck strap for a long period of time.

In contrast, binoculars don’t put any sort of burden on your body. The binoculars will remain in the pouch and you will use them whenever you need them. After use, you can put it back in the pouch. Using a harness is much easier than a neck strap and causes no pain at all. So, we recommend you go for the harness and consider it a superior option.

Additional Information: Using a neck strap will cause your binoculars to keep swingers when you walk and it can be irritating. There will be no swing of binoculars when you use a harness.

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What do you carry in your binocular harness?

The space in the pouch of the binoculars harness is very small and you won’t be able to accommodate anything else except binoculars. Keep it mind that the harness is made only for the binoculars and you should not put anything else in the pouch as it can have a negative impact on the binoculars. Imagine putting anything sharp with binoculars in the pouches. The added sharp object can cause damage to binoculars’ lenses. However, below are some small stuff that you can carry along with binoculars in the harness.

  • Eye drops
  • Chapstick
  • Lens wipes
  • Small miniature flashlight

Carrying these accessories along with binoculars is going to be very beneficial for your journey. Moreover, their size is very small, and they will fit with binoculars perfectly – not causing the binoculars to be damaged.


The harness of binoculars is very useful and it saves you from a lot of trouble. We suggest you not be conservative about new advancements and things that increase your comfort and productivity. Carrying binoculars in hand is going to make you tired quite easily and hanging yourself with the help of a neck strap is also going to put you in pain. In such a situation, binoculars become one of those accessories that save you from the hell of problems and give you peace of mind that your binoculars are very close to you.

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