Do Binoculars Use Batteries? (ANSWERED)

By Richard

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Before going to the market to buy binoculars, most people seemed confused about the batteries. They think that all the binos need batteries and they will have to purchase them separately. This confusion is very common among new optics enthusiasts. However, in this guide, we will cover everything about the batteries of binoculars to give you a clear answer to the question: Do binoculars use batteries?

Not all binoculars need batteries. In Fact, the binoculars that we use in our daily routine don’t require any sort of batteries. However, very few high-end binoculars with image stabilization features do require batteries. Batteries that are used in premium binoculars are AA and AAA types. 

We have done complete research and found a bulk of information for you to get satisfied. So let’s dive straight into the central part of this article and know the relationship between binoculars and batteries. 

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Why Do Binoculars Have Batteries?

As said earlier that not all binoculars need batteries for their functionality. Few binos with premium features like video recording, and image stabilization do need batteries for their working. Usually, we don’t use high-end binoculars and our outdoor activities require normal binoculars without image stabilization power. 

However, some outdoor enthusiasts believe in buying expensive binoculars and having top-class premium features. So, such optics do require AA or AAA types of batteries. Those binoculars that help you in recording visuals also need batteries for their functionality. 

The image stabilization feature is important when you aim to use your high-powered binoculars for bird watching. In such a case, small movements of your hands can make their image insatiable. So, image stabilization works to give you a stable image with higher magnification power. 

Types of Batteries used in Binoculars

There are two types of batteries that are usually used in binoculars. Below are their names

  • Alkaline batteries
  • Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are powerful and give you a very good energy surge. But their durability is not as good as alkaline batteries. However, alkaline batteries do last longer but their energy or power reduces over time.

Do All Binoculars Need Alkaline Batteries?

Not all binoculars use alkaline batteries – in fact, it’s the manufacturer who decides about the type of battery your optics will use!

Every binoculars have its own specification and requirements. The type of battery that will be used in any specific binoculars is mentioned in its manuals. Some batteries use alkaline batteries and some use lithium batteries. It also depends on the brand that manufactures binoculars. But keep in mind to read the manuals to be sure about the type of batteries your optics need. 

Do Binoculars Also Use Lithium Batteries?

As mentioned earlier, lithium batteries are very powerful and provide a good energy surge. So those binoculars which are heavy duty and provide image stabilization and video recording feature uses lithium batteries to get better voltage power.  But keep in mind that lithium batteries are premium and expensive so when used in any binoculars, make them costly too. 

Are Alkaline Batteries Any Good when used in binoculars?

Alkaline batteries are very much affordable and work fine for years. The average lifespan of alkaline batteries is 5 to 7 years which is amazing. The energy provision is fine too which makes their performance above par. Most importantly the binoculars that use alkaline binoculars are very cost-effective so yes, alkaline batteries are very good and deserve to give it a try.

Are Lithium Batteries Better Than Alkaline Batteries?

Yes, Lithium batteries are very powerful and far better than alkaline batteries. Although some people like alkaline batteries because they last longer and provide slow but optimal power. But we are big fans of lithium batteries as they provide an ideal energy surge. Their average lifespan is almost 3 to 5 years which is decent – if not ideal. However, alkaline batteries are the best choice for you, if you don’t require much power and want a battery pack that will last a long time.

How Long Do Binocular Batteries Last?

Battery age varies from brand to brand. However, the typical life of an alkaline battery is 5 to 7 years, whereas the typical life of a lithium battery is 3 to 5 years. However, you can increase the overall life of a battery by taking extra care of them. 

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Do Image Stabilized Binoculars Need Batteries (Lithium Or Alkaline)?

Yes, all the image stabilization binoculars need batteries for their functionality. The brand and manufacturer will determine whether they use lithium or alkaline batteries. However, all the image stabilization binoculars use AA or AAA type of batteries. 

However, most image stabilization binoculars come with lithium batteries as they provide more power which is used to make the image stable and steady. Due to the usage of lithium batteries, almost all image stabilization binoculars are very costly. 

Do Night Vision Binoculars Need Batteries?

Yes, night vision binoculars use the feature of intensification of little light available at night. The intensifier which amplifies the small amount of light needs some electrical energy to work. So that electrical energy is provided through batteries. 

Without batteries, night vision binoculars cannot perform well. They work on the principle of intensification of very small amounts of light coming from the moon and stars. So intensifiers that amplify or intensify the light need batteries for functionality. 

Why Do Night Vision Binoculars Need Alkaline Batteries?

Alkaline batteries are very much affordable and their usage in night vision binoculars makes them cost-effective. Moreover, alkaline binoculars provide steadier power – not very high which makes the night vision binoculars work more effectively. Moreover, the steadier supply of power ensures that night vision binoculars work more time and the battery won’t drain out quickly. That’s the reason why all the night vision binoculars use alkaline batteries instead of lithium batteries 


We have seen many people who seem confused about the batteries of binoculars. We thought it very crucial to write this extensive guide to help them know everything about the binoculars that use batteries. 

Some binoculars that are used in daily life don’t require any sort of batteries. However, premium binos with many features do require batteries of AA or AAA types. We hope that our written guide will add value in your life. Until next, we are signing off!

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