Do Binoculars Scare Birds? [Guide for Birds lovers]

By Richard

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There is no doubt that bird lovers cannot stay away from birds for a long period of time. Without binoculars, bird-watching fun can be affected. Almost all the birders use binos to get a closer view of their favorite birds. However, carrying binoculars and going close to birds can make them feel about the danger. So, we have been asked a single question multiple times: Do binoculars scare birds? In this guide, we will answer this question to get your confusion out of your outdoor fun. 

Do binoculars scare birds: Yes, binoculars do scare birds and they immediately fly away from the person who carries binoculars in their hands. They think as if you’re having a gun in your hands. But if you don’t point binoculars toward birds, then they won’t notice them and won’t fly away due to fear.

We have done complete research and talked to a few of our friends who love spending time outdoors to get a glimpse of their favorite birds.  So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight into the article.

Do Bigger Binoculars Scare Birds?

It is common sense that bigger sizes of binoculars are going to be more evident to birds. As said earlier, birds do get the feeling of danger and fly away. Bigger-sized binos are more likely to scare birds as compared to smaller or compact-sized binoculars. 

But if you don’t point your optics towards birds then chances are there that they won’t notice your binoculars and won’t get the feel of any risk. When you point binos towards birds, they consider optics as guns and fly away. First, find a perfect place from where the birds cannot see you. Then you can use your binos. 

What Else Can Scare Birds?

Birds are very sensitive and get the feeling of risk when they hear any loud noise or something which is similar to a gun. If you are a bird watcher, then make sure to hide in front of them and don’t make an unnecessary noise at all. 

It’s not just about binoculars. In Fact, everything which is unusual to birds can scare them. So, it is important to make them feel that they are secured before you use binoculars and get a closer view of birds. 

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How to observe safely?

As said, birds are very sensitive to small noises and movements and fly away inches toward them. So, it is very important to take care when watching them with binoculars. First of all, make some distance so that they don’t feel like you are following them or they are being tracked. 

Use higher magnification binoculars so that you get a clear and well-magnified image from a distance. Locate a secure area where birds cannot see you easily. Be there and use binoculars to get a bird’s eye view of birds. Make sure to take care and don’t let them feel that they are in danger.

Do Binoculars Scare Everything?

Not at all! Binoculars are not going to scare everything – in fact, it’s just the birds who are very sensitive and get the feelings of risk and fly away. But if you use binoculars to observe animals or anything else, they won’t feel awkward and leave you unnoticed. 

In fact, many people use binoculars to observe the beauty of wildlife when they go out to Galapagos or grand canyon. No animal or wildlife feels alarmed due to seeing the binoculars. You just have to be very careful when watching birds. 

What Sizes Binoculars Are Good For Bird Watching?

Most of them birder use 10x magnification power and 42 to 50 mm size of the objective lens. This specification in binoculars gives ideal results even in low light conditions. One thing that you should be careful about is weight. 

As newbies choose optics with bigger-sized objective lens sizes which has a direct impact on the weight of binoculars. So, they ultimately end up having binos with heavy weight which is not recommended for birding. 

According to birds and our personal research, 10x magnification and 50 mm specification are ideal for bird watching and won’t disappoint you all. You should do some research to find this specification binos with lightweight and compact size.

Are Small (Compact) Binoculars Good For Birdwatching?

The ideal specification is mentioned above and you should focus on choosing the binoculars by keeping in mind the ideal specification. But one thing that we would recommend is to go for optics that are lightweight and compact in size. 

Compact-sized binos are easy to carry and birds won’t get the feeling of fear or risk from them as they don’t have less resemblance to guns. Moreover, you will be comfortable carrying smaller-sized products.

Why Are Bird Watchers Ditching Their Old Binoculars? 

Those who have been watching birds for some years know the importance of binoculars. In fact, without having top-performing binoculars, you cannot get the most of your birding fun. You will have to compromise which in other words will spoon your outdoor fun. 

So, it is important to know whether your binos are good enough to perform well for birding or if you gotta change them. Almost all the experienced bird watchers keep changing their binos after one or two years. 

Modern binoculars with advanced technologies give you a better viewing experience. One thing which is noticeable is that new binoculars are more compact and lighter than older ones. So you should also keep changing binos to get better performing binoculars. 

A few years back the image stabilization feature did not come with binos. But now the image stabilization feature comes with premium binoculars which is amazingly useful for birders to get stable. Many birders have bought new optics to enjoy the image stabilization feature. 

In short: To get better performance, and enjoy new features, almost all bird watchers believe in ditching the older binoculars and choosing a new one.


So, do binoculars scare the birds? We believe that you will be in a better position to answer this question. We did complete research to find all the information and organize it for you. 

Our aim has always been to up your optics knowledge. So, next time you go out for birding, make sure not to make unnecessary noise to make them fly away from you. Pointing your binoculars toward them can also scare them so find a safe and hidden place to get a closer view.

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