Can You Use Binoculars with Contact Lenses?

By Richard

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Binoculars are a great tool for almost all outdoor activities. But what if you wear contact lenses? Can you still use binoculars comfortably and effectively? This is a common question for many people who enjoy outdoor hobbies and wear corrective lenses. 

Can you use binoculars with contact lenses? Yes, you can use binoculars with contact lenses. Infact with contact lenses on your eyes, the usage of binoculars has become more convenient. Those people who have eye issues should use contact lenses as they correct the refractive errors and help in improving your vision.

In this article, I will explore whether binoculars and contact lenses are a good combination or not. In the end, I would give you some useful tips on how to make the most of this combination. So, let’s get started!

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What are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are small, thin and curved shape lenses which are placed in the eyes as they improve vision. People use them for a variety of purposes. Some wear them as vision correctors, while others use them as a fashion and style.

I have seen many many people who had eye problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism etc use these contact lenses as they correct or minimize the problem.

To understand how these contacts help, you’ll need to understand how these lenses work? Actually, they work by adjusting the way beams of lights enter into our eyes. If the angle is not right, then these contact lenses correct this angle and make sure that the users see everything clearly.

In simple ways, these lenses correct the refractive errors, and make sure that the light enters correctly into your eyes which helps in getting you clearer views even if you have eye problems like said before.

Yet, there are other applications for contact lenses. They are frequently used as cosmetics by women. The reason is that current contact lenses alter the colour of eyes, enhancing women’s appearance and allowing them to strengthen their sense of fashion and style.

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Can You Use Binoculars with Contact Lenses?

Yes, there is nothing wrong in using binoculars with contact lenses. Infact, these lenses are a better option than wearing glasses as they don’t increase your distance between the eyes and ocular lens.

There are many people who wear glasses due to weak vision. But when you use binculars by wearing glasses, the body and the lenses of your glasses occupy more space between your eyes and the ocular lens of the binoculars.

This space stops you from getting the perfect view through the barrel of bincoulars as the eye relief (Distance between eyes and ocular lens) gets too short and you get an uncomfortable position which irritates you.

But when you use contact lenses, they don’t affect the eye relief and there remains a decent distance between the eyes and ocular lens and you ultimately get better visuals through the barrel of bincoulars. 

Moreover, the contact lens improves your viison and helps you see a wider area as these lenses are made in this way. So, I recommend you to use contact lenses if you’ve any eye problems instead of wearing glasses. 

Point to Remember: Even if you don’t have any eye problems, and you wear contact lenses as fashion to enhance your outloo, you are still good to use binoculars with contact lenses.

Advantages and disadvantages of using binoculars with contact lenses

So, I am sure that you have now got the basic knowledge about contact lenses. In the section below, I am going to mention some pros and cons of using the binoculars by haing contact in your eyes. 


  • More convenient than wear glasses
  • Improves the vision
  • Comfortable to use for extended duration
  • Corrects refractive errors in the eyes
  • It improve your peripheral vision


  • Contact lenses can cause eye dryness or irritation.
  • People also may find them difficult to adjust when they use them with binoculars

Tips for Using Binoculars with Contact Lenses

Binoculars are usable even if you wear contact lenses. However, newbies especially those who are not much aware of binoculars fail to adjust the contact properly and then end up getting useless views through the barrel of bincoulars. In the section below, I’ll go into the details and give you some tips that will enhance your practical knowledge about how you can use binos with contact lenses.

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1- Choose the Right Type of Contact Lenses

One of the most important tips for using binoculars with contact lenses is to choose the right type of contact lenses for your eyes. Not to forget, there are different types of contact lenses availbe in the market. 

Soft contact lenses are typically the best option, as they are more comfortable to wear and can help correct refractive errors in the eyes. If you have dry eyes or other eye conditions, I recommend you to use the contact lenses that are designed for these issues, such as silicone hydrogel lenses.

2- Adjust the Binoculars Properly

When using binoculars with contact lenses, it’s important to adjust the binoculars properly to ensure a clear and comfortable viewing experience. I suggest you adjust the distance between the eyepieces (Ocular lenses) to match the distance between your pupils. By doing this, you’ll be able to prevent eye strain and ensure a clear image. 

3- Take Breaks and Blink Often

Using binoculars for extended periods of time can cause eye dryness and discomfort, especially when combined with contact lenses. To prevent this, take breaks every 20-30 minutes and blink often to keep your eyes hydrated. Blinking more and taking breaks keeps your eyes moist and helps you avoid the eyes strain and other complications.

4- Use eye drops to prevent dryness

Using binoculars with contact lenses  especially for extended periods of time can cause eye dryness or discomfort. To prevent this, use eye drops before and after using your binoculars. By using eye drops, you will be able to keep your eyes moist and comfortable. It will surely reduce the risk of dryness significantly.

5- Adjust the eyecups for a comfortable fit

Most binoculars come with adjustable eyecups that can be used to adjust the distance between the lenses and your eyes. To get the best viewing experience, I highly recommend you to adjust the eyecups to fit your contact lenses and provide a comfortable fit. 


So, is there anything that I have not convered in this guide? I don’t think so. If you have any question left in your mind, make sure to comment in this article, and I will be very quick to respond to your query. I hope that this guide will be helpful for you and will make your viewing alot better than ever before. See you soon!

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