Can You Transfer the Warranty of the Binoculars?

By Richard

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Can you transfer the warranty of the binoculars? This is the question that you will hear when you agree to sell your old binoculars.

Transferring of warranty is very important when you consider reselling your second-hand binoculars. Many new buyers ask you to transfer the warranty so that if they face any problem with the binoculars, they themselves contact the official manufacturers and get the issue resolved.

Brief Answer: Yes, with the permission of the official makers, you may simply transfer the warranty of binoculars. You must present the original document proving that you are the original owner to the manufacturers in order for them to transfer the warranty to the new owner to whom you are selling your binoculars.

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Why is transferring a warranty important?

It is important to understand why transferring the warranty is important. When you decide to sell your binoculars, then you accept to give all the rights to the new owner and take some money as the deal. In the future, the new owner can face the problem of binoculars, so how will he claim a warranty on binoculars?

For him to claim the warranty, he will have to request you to help him in claiming as you will own the right to claim the warranty as you are registered as the owner of the manufacturer. So, when you transfer the warranty to the new owner, then you actually keep yourself away from all the upcoming issues in binoculars. The new owner will claim the warranty by himself as he will have documents. 

It is not ethical to keep the warranty and sell the product to the new owner. In fact, we have seen many cases when the new demands the transferring of warranty so that he can have mental peace of mind he actually owns something that is secured by the warranty.

Can you transfer the Warranty?

Most optical brands allow you to transfer the warranty of the optics that you buy. However, the prices of those products which give you the ability to transfer the warranty are slightly lower than those which don’t allow you.

It is very important to ask the manufacturer if they allow you to transfer the warranty or not. If they don’t allow it, you should avoid buying from them as it can cause problems for you during the reselling process. Almost all the brands working in the USA offer the transfer of warranty. 

Which optical brands offer transferring of binoculars?

As said earlier, almost all the brands which are based in the USA offer the transferring of warranty feature. However, their terms can vary as every brand has its own identity and rules. You should always ask about the transfer of warranty while purchasing the binoculars. Below is a list of the brands that offer transfers.

  • Bushnell
  • Vortex
  • Nikon
  • Celestron
  • Zeiss and Athlon

Keep in mind that their terms and conditions can vary and they might give you permission to transfer your warranty within a specific timeline. So, it’s up to you to define the term according to your personal preferences.

Do warranty transferable binoculars cost more money?

There are some brands who will demand extra money for warranty transferring binoculars. However, it is not always the case. Some brands give it free as their promotion. However, if any optical asks for extra bucks, you should not hesitate in giving them as getting a transferable warranty is  peace of mind. 

Keep it in mind that you’re not going to keep one binocular for your whole life. A person keeps changing material stuff. So, when you resell binoculars with transferable binoculars, it gets sold very easily and gives you a good amount of money in return.

Is a transferable warranty mandatory when reselling binoculars?

Not really, transferable warranty is not mandatory and you can resell your optics without it. But keep in mind that when you auction your well-secured binoculars with a transferable warranty, then the deal looks more attractive for new buyers and they agree to pay you more.

However, it is peace of mind for you as well as for the new owners. All the materialistic stuff underwent wear and tear after some time. So, having a warranty makes you able to get it repaired by the official manufacturers.

How can I transfer the warranty to the new owner after the purchase is finalized?

There are two ways through which you can successfully transfer the warranty to the new owner. Keep in mind that the deal between you and the new owner should be finalized otherwise, chances are high that you can be scammed if you transfer the warranty to the new owner without getting money. 

However, you can visit the official branch or center of the brand and request them to transfer the warranty of your binoculars. All you have to show them is proof that the binoculars belong to you and you are the actual owner. When you confirm the verification, they will transfer the warranty to the new owner. 

Some brands also give you the luxury of transferring the warranty via phone call. They have all the records of sold binoculars. So, you will have to call them, tell them the information which they ask and they will transfer the warranty to new owner.


Binoculars that do not come with a warranty are always at risk of getting damaged.  Binoculars with transferable warranty, on the other hand, provide lifelong peace of mind. Even if you resell the binoculars, they will pay you a reasonable price because of their transferable guarantee. We hope that this article will help you understand the benefits of transferring your warranty.

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