Can You See the Planets with Binoculars? (Reality Revealed)

By Richard

Are you a stargazer or hobbyist who loves spending time out watching nature’s beauty at night? If yes, this guide is going to be very special. Many people feel curious about the stars and other planets which are very far away and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The curiosity of watching planets can be satisfied in different ways and one of them is to use of a telescope. Although telescopes do a very good job of giving you decent visuals of other planets, their prices are too high and common people don’t bear them.

In contrast, binoculars are comparatively less cheap and enthusiasts wonder whether higher-powered binoculars that have very high magnification power can help them to see the planets. Today, we will answer this question.

Yes, you can see other planets with very high-power binoculars but the visuals you will get through the binoculars won’t be as good as you get through the telescope. However, there are a few new brands that are producing astronomy binoculars that can help your cause.

However, we’ve done pretty good research to give you an in-depth analysis of the visuals of binoculars when you use them for planet viewing. So, stay connected with us as a lot more exciting is coming your way.

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Do binoculars actually help in seeing other planets?

The answer is yes, but you’ll not see a clear picture of the targeted objects. Telescopes are more preferred equipment for viewing distant objects. But when you use binoculars, you will still see the visuals but the details won’t be perfect.

It is noteworthy to mention that binoculars are less powerful as their magnification power is also limited and you can see up to a few miles with clarity. But when it comes to seeing objects which are very far away, the clarity of the visuals gets compromised. The same thing happens when you use binoculars for viewing other planets.

Can You see the whole solar system with binoculars?

Well, the question changes, but the answer remains the same and you’ll have trouble viewing the whole solar system with standard binoculars as they don’t have enough magnification power to give you good visuals. Some modern brands are focusing on producing binoculars with very high magnification power which will help you see the solar system with decent clarity.

Keep in mind that there are 8 planets in the solar system and by standing on earth, which itself is a planet, you can get views of the other planets and their moon. But expecting very clear visuals with edge-to-edge clarity is going to be a madness. However, telescopes can give you better visuals. Below is the list of planets of the solar system that you can see with very high-powered binoculars;

  • Mars
  • Venus
  • Uranus
  • Saturn
  • Neptune

All the above-mentioned planets are very far away from us. With standard binoculars, you won’t get visuals at all. You’ll have to use astronomy binoculars with high power of magnification to get their visuals to some clarity.

Can you see mercury through binoculars?

No, not at all, you cannot see the mercury with the binoculars. Even with the strongest binoculars, you won’t be able to see the mercury as it is very far away and its size is smaller than other planets. Stop thinking of seeing mercury with the help of binoculars.

Can you see galaxies with binoculars?

Well, binoculars will help you see the cluster of stars but you won’t be able to get fully detailed visuals due to the restriction of binoculars. However, telescopes will do a better job and will help you get details of everything clustered there. Binoculars will help you see the comets and their wider field of view will help you see the comets for slightly more duration as you will be able to see more area through the barrel of binoculars.

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What kind of binoculars do you need to see planets?

This is a very good question as many people don’t have much knowledge about the specification of binoculars and they end up choosing optics that are not suitable for their activities. Keep in mind every binoculars has its own specification which makes binoculars good for specific types of activities. However, below are two factors that are very important to check when buying binoculars for planet viewing.

  • Magnification power
  • Objective lens size

For getting a decent visual of other planets, your chosen binoculars must have a much higher magnification power. Anything below 20x is considered below average when it comes to watching distant objects like other planets. We suggest you choose a magnification above 20x.

The objective lens size is another important factor that matters when it comes to seeing distant objects in low light conditions. A bigger objective lens simply means that your binoculars will capture more light in low-light conditions and give you decently brighter visuals. The objective lens must be above 50 mm if you’re going to use your binoculars for stargazing or planet viewing.


Binoculars are indeed very useful tools and can help you enjoy your night hobby of watching distant stars and other planets. However, their power is not ideal for viewing other planets, so you’ll get decent visuals with slightly lesser clarity. You will have to compromise with visuals as binoculars are actually not made for astronomy and telescopes do a fine job in this case.

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