Can you Rent Binoculars at Yellowstone National Park? [Answered]

By Richard

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In our previous guide, we guided you about the binoculars for Yellowstone park. But it is a fact that all of us have different financial freedom or power to spend on binoculars. Some having tight budgets cannot afford binos. So, renting the binoculars is the solution but can you rent binoculars at Yellowstone National park? 

Yes, you can rent binoculars at Yellowstone Park as there are many general stores at the entrance door that allow you to take binoculars for rent and pay $10 a day. 

We are committed to providing you with complete binocular information so that no scene remains hidden from you. If you can’t afford then should we let you go on vacation to Yellowstone park without optics? Of Course not! We have much more to tell you about renting binoculars. Stay connected! 

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Can you Rent Binoculars at Yellowstone Park?

The exact answer is yes!

There are many general stores located near Yellowstone parks that allow you to rent a nice pair of binoculars and pay just $10 a day. No matter if you rent them for a day or a month, these stores give you the binos happily and charge according to usage.

The $10 fee only covers the 24-hour timespan; if you decide to keep the binoculars after that time, you will need to pay an additional $10. Up until you return the original item, the process continues and you will be paying rent of $10 after every 24 hours.

So, the thought of giving the store owner anything as security may cross your mind. Although they may ask for your identity card, which they will return once you hand over their binoculars and pay the fees, you won’t need to provide them with much in the way of security.

Places to Rent Binoculars in Yellowstone

The general stores are located at the main gate of the park which allows you to rent binoculars. Every shop can have its own terms and conditions and rent per day. So, you will have to talk to them to get the best deal. Here are the details of shops that allow the rent of optics. 

1- Silver Gate Lodging General Store 

Address: 109 US Hwy 212 W, 111 US-212, Cooke City, MT 59081

Phone: 406-838-2371

Distance from Park: 2 minutes Walk

Average rate per day: $10

2- Flying Pig

Address: 511 Scott Street West Gardiner, Mt, 59030

Phone: 888-792-9193

Distance from Park: 2 minutes Walk

Average rate per day: $40

3-  Explore Rentals

Address: 32 Dollar Dr. Belgrade, MT 59714

Phone: 406-922-0179

Distance from Park: 2 hours of Walk

Average rate per day: $8

4- Optic Yellowstone

Address: PO Box 494 Gardiner, MT 59030

Phone: 406-224-5277

Distance from Park: 3 hours of Walk

Average rate per day: $50

These are the details of the most popular shops that are giving binoculars for rent and are located in Yellowstone National park. You can further visit the park to get more details. 

Do you need binoculars in Yellowstone at rent?

Of Course, yes! You will need binoculars as it is the rule that you will have to stay 25 yards away from the animals. In Fact, you will be asked to stay away up to 100 yards from beer and wolves. So can you get all the details of animals from 25 or 100 yards?

It is literally impossible to get a closer view from this much distance. Therefore, binoculars are essential for seeing everything while maintaining a safe distance from the action. There will be wildlife like moose, beer, and many others so you will have to be at a safe distance to ensure your security. 

Do you need binoculars in Yellowstone: To get a closer view of animals like beer, and wolves, and the closest view of the natural beauty of the park, you must take a nice pair of binoculars with you. 

But if you don’t have enough budget to buy them, you should rent a nice pair from the closest optical store. Moreover, you can get them near the entrance gate of Yellowstone National park. 

What wildlife can I see in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone is a place full of wildlife and there will be endless fun viewing of animals and birds. The most famous animals that you will more likely to get a view of are as follows;

  • Bison
  • Elk
  • Coyotes
  • Black bears
  • Bears
  • Wolves
  • Moose 
  • beavers

However, you will also get a closer view of many birds. The list of birds that are common in Yellowstone national park is as follows;

  • Eagles
  • Ravens
  • Swans
  • Pelicans

Additionally, there are numerous varieties of flowers that you will undoubtedly adore. Their scent will energize you and brighten your day.

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Should you rent a scope or binoculars?

Binoculars usually do a pretty good job and you won’t find yourself complaining. However, if you are one who wants to get a closer view of beer and wolf then the authorities will instruct you to stay at least 100 yards away. 

We don’t recommend you choose binoculars for viewing wolves from 100 yards. Instead, the scope will do a pretty good job. For viewing other animals like moose, Bison, elk, and coyotes, you will be asked to stay just 25 yards away and the binoculars at this distance work to perfection. 

Binoculars are relatively less costly as compared to scope. Moreover, the general store that offers optics on rent will also demand you more rent per day for the scope and less for binoculars. 

So, we recommend you to carry or rent a binocular as it will be less costly and does a pretty good job in giving you a closer viewing of natural beauty.


Binoculars, indeed, are must-have equipment when you visit Yellowstone and it is recommended to carry them with you to get a better and closer view of wildlife. 

But if you’re on a limited budget and don’t want to spend on buying binoculars then we have another way for you. You can visit any optics store and rent binoculars at very little cost. 

Keep in mind that you should always rent binoculars near the park. Don’t make the mistake of renting an optic from the store which is very far away as it will be very costly. You won’t be able to return the optics back to them in a day or two.

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