Can Binoculars See through the Walls? (Myth Solved)

By Richard

Binoculars are specialized tools for giving your a bigger image of targeted objects. The visual quality and the enhanced size make you able to see everything with utter clarity. But, in the recent past, we have seen people asking the question, “Can binoculars see through the walls”.  Although the answer is pretty straightforward,  those who know very little about binoculars seem confused. In this article, we will cover everything about binoculars and let you know whether you can see through the wall or not.

Can Binoculars see through walls? No, they cannot see through the wall. Actually, binos show you a bigger or more magnified image of the target object. What you see through the binoculars is the magnified light that reflects back after striking the objects. So, when the light gets reflected from the wall, then you will see the bigger size of the wall, not what is beyond the wall. 

It was a short answer, but we have got something more detailed for you. Let’s dive deeper to know more about binoculars.

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Why Can’t Binoculars See Through Walls?

To answer this question, it is important for you to know how binoculars work. The mechanism is based on the light that gets reflected when strikes the targeted objects. Let’s say you are viewing a wall through your binoculars. Then the light will strike on the wall and reflect back on the lenses of binoculars.

The objective lenses capture this reflected light and amplify its size to show you the bigger image of the wall. So, if you want to use binoculars to see what is happening behind the wall then you won’t be successful as the light will reflect back after striking the wall and you will see a bigger and magnified image of the wall – not what is happening beyond the wall. 

Wall is not opaque or semi-transparent to allow light to pass through them. Instead, it acts as a hindrance or obstruction and blocks the light. Even if the wall is semi-transparent, then still you won’t be able to see everything clearly as the light will get diffracted in different directions. 

Which Physical Factors Inhibit The Ability Of Your Binoculars To See Through Walls?

There are many factors that inhibit the ability of your binoculars to see through the walls. Some important factors are as follows;

  • Thickness of walls
  • Color of walls
  • Surface of walls

If the wall is thicker then it will block all the light and won’t let any little rays of light pass through them. So, it will be literally impossible for binoculars to see through the lenses. 

The color of the walls is another important factor that can inhibit the ability of your binos to see through the walls. Suppose, the wall has black color then it will absorb all the light, making it impossible to see through the walls. 

The walls with softer surfaces absorb more light and the harder surface will reflect all the light. So, the surface of the wall also plays an important role.

Can Thermal Imaging Binoculars See Through Walls?

Thermal imaging binoculars work by detecting the infrared radiation of targeted objects. Every object emits some IR radiation. But when you use these thermal imaging binoculars to see the object which is placed beyond the walls, then the wall blocks all the IR radiation emitted by your targeted objects. The infrared radiation fails to reach the binoculars. No radiation means no image.

The thermal imaging binoculars only work when there is no such obstruction on the way. Especially at night, the objects emit IR radiation then these binoculars capture that radiation to give your a brighter and clearer image in the night. 

Can Night Vision Binoculars See Through Walls?

The answer is NO! Night vision binoculars have an optical system that amplifies the very small light and uses it to give you a brighter and sharper image. Keep in mind that night vision binoculars only work when there is little light source available. 

Suppose you are using night vision binoculars in a place where there are no light sources – not even a little light is present: then these binoculars won’t work properly to give you decent visuals. Smaller light is required for them to give you a brighter image.

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Are There Any Goggles Or Optics Instruments That See Through Walls?

It is just a fake myth that optics, goggles, or binoculars can see through the walls which is totally wrong. There are no optics in this world that can help you see through the walls. However, the military might have some equipment that could give a hint of what is happening behind the obstruction but that equipment is not public so you cannot use them freely.

So, keep your head clear that you are not going to see what is happening behind the walls. We suggest not to waste your money on optics with the hope that you will be able to see through the walls and other obstructions


No doubt that binoculars are a very important tool to get a clearer view of the target objects. But there have been many myth about binos that needed us to clarify. Many people purchase binoculars with the aim that they will be able to see through the walls.

In this guide, we have cleared everything. No binoculars or optics in this world can give you a clearer view of something which is behind the walls. So, next time when someone tells you about this myth, shut his mouth with the logical answer.

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