6 Best Binoculars for Western Hunting (Guide for 2022)

By Richard

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Western hunting is very versatile and hunters go through different conditions. Chasing the buck in mountains or bushy plains is not an easy job to do. It requires special equipment, courage, and patience. Finding the target is the first point that requires the best binoculars for western hunting. 

No doubt that those people who never hunt in western areas, feel excited to go there and start their hunting journey. It is pure joy to see your return from western hunting as successful. 

Those who have already done western hunting can guide how to be successful in western big hunts. With proper preparation, gear, and a positive mindset, you can be successful in getting your buck. Binoculars are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of hunting equipment.

In this guide, we will talk about the best top quality and affordable binoculars for western hunting which will uplift your hunting experience and provide you with every minute detail of the target object. 

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 Comparison table of Best Western Hunting Binoculars

Image Product Ratings Price
backpac Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Binoculars 9.8/10 Check Price
backpac LEICA Ultravid HD12x50 Binoculars 10/10 Check Price
cordlessblower Gosky 10×42 Roof Prism Binoculars for Western Hunting 9.9/10 Check Price
cordlessblower Leupold BX-4 Pro 12×50 binoculars 9.9/10 Check Price
cordlessblower Vortex Optics Viper Binoculars 10/10 Check Price
cordlessblower Steiner Predator Series Binoculars for western hunting 9.85/10 Check Price

List of quality binos for western hunting

1- Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Binoculars

In western hunting, magnification is the real concern, and those who have already done hunting there know the importance of higher magnification.

The hunters stalk far away from the targeted buck. Seeing far away is only possible with better and greater magnification power. We recommend everyone who loves stalking from some distance choose the magnification power of 10x or more than that.

These Bushnell Falcon binoculars have greater magnification power and help in spotting the target quite easily. Usually, we don’t see the wider field of view with higher magnification. But they come with a wider field of view of 376 feet which is excellent for finding the buck

During testing them for western hunting, we came to realize that they have a strong build quality and are very much capable of bearing shocks and falls from some heights. No matter how roughly you use them, they are not going to leave you disappointed.

The body has a specialized abrasion-resistant coating which is good in preventing abrasion and scratches. The coating is also useful in increasing and improving the grip.
If you wear glasses due to weak eyesight or any other reason, we don’t recommend you to buy them as they offer lower eye relief which is going to trouble you in the hunting field.

  • Very much affordable
  • Strong body and better built quality
  • Durability cannot be questioned at all
  • Heavy weight
  • Eye relief is not good
Bushnell Falcon 10x50 Binoculars for western hunting

2- LEICA Ultravid HD12x50 Binoculars

These are premium pairs with top-class performance in low light conditions. Using them after dusk will give you pretty satisfying results and you will be able to see the target.

The exit pupil of 4.17 mm which is optimal for enhancing the image brightness. The magnification should be the real point to talk about as they come with 12x magnification power which can enable you to zoom the image of a far-sitting buck.

The field of view is decent if you consider it by keeping their magnification power.in mind. In our previous guide on how to choose binoculars, we explain the relationship between FOV and magnification. 

The more magnification power, the less will be the field of view. But these optics are providing a better and wider field of view with a higher magnification of 12x

The image quality is also top class as they are premium optics. Their prism, coating, and better objective lens size ensure that the customers get top clarity and breath-taking views in all conditions.

The usage of magnesium as a major body material increases its durability. They are water and fog proof and the lenses are also dust repellent. The coating present on the lens prevents them from getting dusty.

The tripod adaptability is another point that can be discussed and can bring your mind in the favor of these optics. But, in western hunting, you don’t need a tripod stand as you won’t be sitting in one place or stalking a specific area. Anyhow, tripod adaptability is a plus point. 

The only problem that we faced during testing is their weight. For prolonged usage, you will get tired and you won’t like them carrying them.

  • Durability is outstanding
  • Dust repellent
  • Image quality is also amazing
  • Weight is on heavier side
LEICA Ultravid HD12x50 Binoculars

How are they different from the previous product?

As said earlier, they fall in the category of premium binoculars. So they cost you extra money as compared to previous products. But spending extra bucks can buy you top-quality binoculars with outstanding features.

3- Gosky 10×42 Roof Prism Binoculars for Western Hunting

The most prominent feature of these Gosky binoculars is their compact size and smartphone mountability. These two features are only present in these optics and help them stand out in this guide of best binoculars for western hunting

Mobile mountability of western hunting binoculars
Smartphone mountability

The roof BAK4 prism and FMC on the lens ensure that the fine image goes to the users. In fact, their excellent visuals make them an ideal choice for big game hunting. 

The body is quite strong and very much capable of showing good resistance to any fall and harsh usage. No matter if you use them in rain or fog, their result will be optimal. You won’t feel that your optics companion is leaving you alone in the western hunting. 

What people love about these binoculars is their mobile mountability. You can mount your smartphone on them and record all the proceedings. You will be able to see distant objects with your mobile. This is a fantastic feature that allows you to capture and share your cherished moments with your family once you return home from hunting.

The unconditional warranty is another attractive point that can grab your attention. Buying binoculars without a warranty is like putting yourself in big trouble. You never know what will happen next to your binoculars. The warranty ensures that you’re in safe hands and your binoculars will be repaired without any additional cost. 

  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Smartphone mountability
  • Clarity in visuals
  • Lifetime unconditional warranty
  • The focus knob only focuses one eye piece, instead of both
Gosky 10x42 Roof Prism Binoculars for Western Hunting

How are they different from the previous product?

Their lightweight, compact size and smartphone mountability make them unique in this guide of best binoculars for western hunting. Now, you can record the visuals during hunting and save them to share with your friends and family.

4- Leupold BX-4 Pro 12×50 binoculars for western hunting

These are our favorites as they meet all the criteria that we’ve set to choose the best binoculars for western hunting. Their easy availability and affordable budget are what make them a hot-selling product in the market. 

Usually, we see people buying binoculars that are made in China and end up regretting that those optics don’t meet the standard. The good thing about these Leupold BX-4 Pro 12×50 binoculars are made in Japan and their built quality is up to the mark. 

No matter how passionate you may be, carrying heavy binoculars will definitely reduce your energy. But you will be active and energetic and won’t feel any extra burden with these binoculars as they come with a lightweight of 28.5 ounces.

The image quality and their durability are also good to give you optimal viewing and longevity respectively. Their objective lens size and coating help in capturing the light. More light means a brighter, sharper, and crispier image in all light conditions.

Use them in rain, fog, or dust and throw them from height, they will act in such a way that you will still be getting better viewing. Their lens will not be affected by the dust. 

The eye relief and exit pupil size are also decent. If you wear glasses, we recommend you to choose these binoculars as they will be comfortable to use on the hunting ground

  • Made in Japan
  • Lightweight
  • Gives good result in fog
  • Eye relief is outstanding
  • Field of view is compromised to some extent
Leupold BX-4 Pro 12x50 binoculars for western hunting

How are they different from the previous product?

These binoculars are perfect for daily usage and have all the features that make them stand out from the competition. The most important thing that you must know is that they are made in Japan and their body strength is second to none.

5- Vortex Optics Viper Binoculars

These binoculars are so good that we already added them to our previous guides.

It is fair to say they have all the basics covered and perform very good in all conditions. Their body strength is also up to the mark and is very much capable of bearing all the physical conditions and harsh usage. 

The composite material is used in their makeup. The rubberized coating on the body helps in increasing the grip. The water and fog proofing is also top class and o ring sealing and premium Argon gas purging are used 

Their eye relief is more than required as it provides comfortable viewing to those who wear glasses due to weak eyesight. 

The magnification power of 10x is enough to see the minute detail of the target. But the objective lens size is compromised as it won’t provide you with a bright image under low light conditions. 

The lightweight makes them the best binoculars for western hunting and carrying them in the high mountains and bushy plains will never disturb you. The high-definition images will further boost your hunting experience as these binoculars have high-density extra low-dispersion (ED) glass.

The lens has specialized coatings which are oil and dust-repellent. It means that dust, scratches, and other outdoor contaminants won’t have any bad impact on your binoculars

  • Water and fog proof
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Premium and expensive Argon gas purging
  • Affordable pricing and everyone can afford to buy them
  • They don’t have any weak points to discuss and perfect for outdoor usage.
Vortex Optics Viper Binoculars

How are they different from the previous product?

Usually, the gas used in making binoculars moisture-proof is nitrogen which is cheaper. But these vortex optics come with a premium, expensive, and high-end argon gas for purging and making binoculars water and fog-proof. 

6- Steiner Predator Series Binoculars for western hunting

These binoculars have unique water and fog proofing system. The N2 injection system is used which consists of 14 psi pressurized dry nitrogen inside the binoculars. The dry nitrogen prevents the moisture and other wetness from going inside and fogging up the lens. 

They have a FOV of 375 feet which is more than enough to explore the hunting field through binoculars. In western hunting, it is not an easy job to locate the target due to mountains and bushes. The greater field of view gives you a boost by giving you more area to cover.

The color adjustment technique (CAT) is used to increase the color contrast and fidelity. The colors will be identical to the original and you won’t be able to distinguish the image obtained from binoculars and the original image. 

The central focus system is used to increase or decrease the focus. A small wheel or knob is placed between two barrels or tubes. The wheel is very easy to rotate and changing the focus is fast and accurate.

The weight and size of binoculars are very important and they can make your hunting joyful or dreadful. We always recommend everyone choose lightweight and compact binoculars. 

Carrying lightweight binoculars in hunting improves your body movement and gives you better results. These optics are compact but not really lightweight.

  • Compact in size
  • Easy focus adjustment
  • Wider field of view
  • N2 injection system for water proofing.
  • Little bit heavier
Steiner Predator Series Binoculars for western hunting

How are they different from the previous product?

The N2 injection system is used for making them water and fog-proof. The advancement in technology improves proofing.

Best Tips For Western Hunters

Western hunting is not easy type and the hunters will have to be prepared in order to make their outing successful. With suitable equipment, it is important to have a complete guide and tips to bang the buck in western hunting. Below are some tips and helpful steps that you must know to be successful to get the buck. 

Get a hunting license:

Going out on a hunt without a license can have dreadful consequences for hunters. There are many animals that are protected by the government or state and hunting them requires a special license. Many people don’t even know about the license. 

First of all, read the hunting instructions or manual given by the government. Western hunting definitely requires a license from the state and going without a license can be a hindrance to your way of enjoyment.

Be ready for the unexpected:

Making sharp moves in mountains and bushy plains is tedious work and you must be prepared for some failures and setbacks. Falling and slipping are common. We have seen many hunters who were injured while chasing the buck.

Injuries, falls, slips and fast running are common and you gotta be ready for those if you want to do western hunting. You will even have to stalk on the uneven surface and you will feel uncomfortable. 

Use backpacks: 

Using backpacks will give you the luxury of your required stuff to carry on a long hunting day. Your backpack will allow you to carry water bottles, binoculars, knives, and other equipment which are very important to have. Hanging your backpack on your back will give you freedom.

Wear boots and take other safety measures:

No matter if you’re running or stalking, hunting boots are very important for your protection. Going out and choosing boots that are not a hundred percent insulated are going to leave you in trouble. Your hunting boots must be 

  • Waterproof
  • Good insulated
  • Strong enough to bear pressure

Agility is key to success in hunting:

Few glimpses here and there and you will miss your target. The active eye is highly crucial in hunting, especially in western hunting, and it determines whether your hunt will be successful or not.

 Physical agility and eye focus must be accurate and fast to ensure that you don’t miss your target. In case you are not physically fit, go out to do gyming to get your body in shape and fit. 


Going out to do western hunting can be joyful and full of thrill. But this enjoyment and excitement can be affected by incompetent hunting gear like binoculars. In this guide, we have reviewed the best binoculars for western hunting and given you outstanding options to choose from. 

These sophisticated western hunting binoculars can be gotten by spending very little money. Their result will be equally good and you won’t see any major difference in their performance. 

Those who have spent years hunting can point out the difference in functionality. You can pick any of the above-mentioned binoculars and you will be good to go.