6 Best Binoculars for Police work And Surveillance

By Richard

Police in any country plays a vital role in law enforcement. The men in uniforms’ aim being to protect the people and make sure that everyone remains safe from the criminal activities of gooses. In the process of protection, many police officers lost their lives due ta o lack of proper protective equipment. Binoculars in such case help in police work and enable the officers to see when the human eye fail to see. In this article, we will discuss the best binoculars for police work that can enhance both productivity and protection of policemen

These optical instruments help in seeing distant objects. Police can use them for seeing or reading numbers plates of vehicles that are far away. There are lots of ways through which binoculars help track or chase criminals’ activities. Everything from start to end will be discussed in this guide. Keep reading!

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Comparison Table of Best Binoculars for Police Work

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Orion UltraView Binoculars 8/10 Check Price
backpac Nikon LASERFORCE RANGEFINDER Binoculars 10/10 Check Price
cordlessblower Bushnell Powerview Binoculars for Reading License Plates 8/10 Check Price
cordlessblower Nikon PROSTAFF 7S 8×42 Police Binoculars 9/10 Check Price
cordlessblower Vortex Optics Viper Binoculars for Police Surveillance 9/10 Check Price
cordlessblower Leupold BX-2 Alpine HD 10x42mm Binoculars 7/10 Check Price

List of Binoculars for Police work and Surveillance

1- Orion UltraView Binoculars

These are mid-range binoculars for police surveillance and can do a pretty good job. No matter if you use them in cloudy weather when the light is too dim or rain is around the corner, their result will be optimal. They are purged with nitrogen gas and strongly sealed to make sure that water and fog have no impact on them.

The most important feature that the company claim is its comfortable view. Even those individuals with glasses due to weak vision can use them. They have an eye relief of 22 mm which is not only good but ideal for every age person.

If you’re concerned about image quality then you will be happy to know that their visuals are as good as any other binoculars available in the market for this budget. In fact, you won’t feel any difference in image quality.

Build quality is also up to the mark and doesn’t let you feel that you are using cheap binoculars. One thing that we feel during testing these binoculars is their weight. They are heavyweight and you can have a tough time handling them for extended usage.

They have a unique feature of tripod adaptability. The company gives tripod adaptors as additional accessories which help you to attach your tripod stand with these binoculars. 

  • Outstanding image quality
  • Compact in size
  • Falls in budget binocular category
  • The most important point that I would like to mention here is that they don’t produce glares.
  • Focus system is a bit compromised
  • They are heavy weight
Orion UltraView Binoculars for Police work


We all are well aware of the Nikon brand and its products that are ruling in the market. We also added them in our previous guides. These Laserforce rangefinder binoculars are something different and perfect for Police surveillance

If your target is 10 to 19 yards away from you then these rangefinder binoculars will tell you the exact distance between you and your target. knowing the exact distance helps you in shooting that correct target. This feature will help them to stand out in this guide

The most important thing that we appreciate about these binoculars is their built quality. Aluminum is used as the major making material. Imagine their strength by the effect that even if you drop them or throw them from a height they will be perfectly fine.

When you’re standing on a hill and your target is below, an angle is produced that makes it difficult to see clearly. Inclining/declining technology has been used in these high-end binoculars which will help you to see while standing at any angle.

Image quality is also up to the mark and you will be surprised to see their image quality. Extra-low dispersion glasses have been used in these binoculars which help in making the image even brighter, clearer, and sharper.

Eye relief is also top-notch and provides a comfortable viewing experience.  Those individuals who wear glasses can use them without having any issues. Moreover, adjustable eyecups help in increasing and decreasing eye relief. 

The only issue that we have is their pricing. With all those premium features these binoculars are very expensive and a handsome budget is needed to purchase them 

  • Waterproofing
  • Show good resistance against shocks
  • Excellent image quality
  • Amazing feature of rangefinding
  • They are slightly expensive but their performace worth the price.

3- Bushnell Powerview Binoculars for Reading License Plates

For reading license plates from distance, magnification is very important which make police work a lot easier. Aiming at a target from a distance definitely requires more magnification power.  These Bushnell  Powerview binoculars won’t disappoint you in this regard as they provide you with 20x magnification.

Note: Due to higher magnification power they are the best binoculars for reading license plates.

Apart from zooming power, image quality is something that matters a lot. if you are unable to get a proper view of the target you will never be able to hit it. These optics provide a clear image due to their high-quality glass multi-coated lens and phase-corrected prism.

They are not too heavy to carry with you. but we don’t consider them as lightweight as they have to total weight of 28 ounces. This weight may not bother you if you are an experienced hunter.  but if you are a newbie and going out for the first time you will not like this weight

The major material used in their making is rubber but the quality of this material is excellent. if you accidentally drop them, they will be safe. Additionally, the rubber coating on the body increases the handling and grip which is another plus point.

Are you one of those who wear glasses due to weak eyesight?  If yes, these binoculars are not made for you.  The reason is that they offer you the relief of 9 mm which is below par for an individual who wears regular glasses.

Overall these optics will work fine for your target shooting. They are reasonably priced and image quality helps them to be selected in this guide. 

  • Suitable zooming power for target shooting
  • Top image quality with clear and crisp view
  • Affordable pricing
  • Strong build quality
  • The major drawback that we feel is their eye relief and they will not provide comfortable viewing experience
Bushnell Powerview Surrveillance Binoculars

4- Nikon PROSTAFF 7S 8×42 Police Binoculars

We have already written a complete article on Nikon Prostaff 7s binoculars and we recommend you to read that article to get a complete idea of how good these Prostaff series optics are!

These binoculars are outstanding options for bow hunting due to their top-notch visual quality and color fidelity. During testing for writing our previous article, we realized that Nikon Prostaff binoculars give outstanding color clarity. 

There will be no difference between the image’s color and the actual colors of the targeted object. Giving complete color details is what made us decide to add them to this guide on best bowhunting binoculars. 

Roof prism is used in these binoculars which puts a significant impact on their weight as these optics are lightweight and compact in size. Carry them in tough conditions and you won’t feel any soreness at all. 

The rubberized body is helpful in increasing the grip. Water, fog, shocks, and scratch proofing is also excellent. Falls from some heights or rough usage won’t put any bad impact on their build quality. 

  • Affordable pricing
  • Excellent color fidelity
  • Shock resistance
  • Focus system is compromised
Nikon PROSTAFF Binoculars for Police Surveillance

5- Vortex Optics Viper Binoculars for Police Surveillance

These high-end binoculars come with anti-reflective lens coatings which increase the crispiness of images. The ideal density of the optical system ensures that the edge-to-edge clear visuals go to the users. 

The water, fog, and shockproofing are common just like other binoculars mentioned in this. What makes Vortex Viper binoculars unique is their resistance to scratches. Armortek coating is present on the lenses and other glass components which prevents scratches. 

Twist-up eyecups and a central focus system ensure that the user gets a comfortable viewing experience in all conditions. Moreover, the rugged body improves the over strength and gives confidence to the user that his binoculars will not leave his companionship. 

These binoculars come with a neck strap which is very easy to attack with binoculars and use in the field. If you don’t know how to attach a neck strap, then don’t worry, we’ve already made a guide and you should read it to get complete know-how. 

Their zooming power is ideal for police work. Moreover, the comfortability of carrying them is also good. The availability of neck-straps further increases the ease of carrying them. They are the best binoculars for Police Surveillance

  • Lightweight and compact in size
  • Armortek coating for scratch protections
  • Availability of neck strap
  • Not good for those who use glasses due to weak eyesight
  • Slightly expensive
Vortex Optics Viper Police Surveillance Binoculars

6- Leupold BX-2 Alpine HD 10x42mm Binoculars:

Leupold is an international brand, based in the USA  and needs no introduction. When compared to Vortex diamondback and other competitors, the picture of Leupold BX-2 Alpine binoculars appears brighter, clearer, and crispier. 

These binoculars are simple in shape but matchless in performance. They are valuable to money as the performance of these binoculars meets the standard of Swarovski binoculars which are too expensive than these binoculars (Almost 3 times more expensive than Leupold BX-2 Alpine binoculars)

Note: Due to their matchless performance, these are considered the best binoculars for Police work.

Are you one of those who love to scan meadows and mountain sides? If yes then you don’t need to scroll down as your perfect match is here. These binoculars give amazing colors, clarity, and brightness with good magnification power. The color contrast of these binoculars is good that your scenery will look closer to your heart.

Like any other top-quality optics, these binoculars are also water fog and shockproof. The ability to provide a bright image in low light conditions is also appreciable.

Leupold BX-2 Alpine HD Binoculars offer a very good grip to hold with hands. There is a tripod adaptable but you don’t feel the need for a tripod stand as the grip doesn’t let the binoculars slip from your hands. 

  • Low light useability
  • Solid non slip grip
  • Top notch clarity in images
  • Good for stargazing
  • Affordable as compared to competitors
  • Built quality is not upto the mark.
  • Eyecups get loose over time
Leupold BX-2 Alpine Binoculars for Reading number plates


All the binoculars that are reviewed above have been chosen through the research process. We have tested them as well to give you an unbiased review. All of them have small differences. Choosing any one of them will give you the optimal results. Our aim was to choose lightweight and portable binoculars to make the police work easier. Hopefully, this article will prove helpful to you.