Best Binoculars for Moon Watching – Buying Guide

By Richard

Moon is the shiniest object at night and the second most bright object in daylight. Watching the moon shining at night is a hobby for many people. It is a way people get lost in nature instead of being worried about worldly problems and dispersion. Viewing the moon which is too far requires a set of tools and binoculars are the most important one. In this guide, we will talk about the best binoculars for moon watching and help you in making your buying decision.

Before going down, we would like to guide you that choosing binoculars will be of high magnification power. However, it will be ideal to have a tripod stand to make sure that you get a stable viewing experience. In this guide, all the binoculars will have higher magnification power.

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Buyers Guide: Binoculars for Moon Watching

Moon watching is not an easy job as it is very far away from the earth. It looks like the moon is very bright at night and viewing it is quite easy. But this is not true. Ordinary binoculars cannot help you watch the moon clearly. You will have to make your decision with extreme usefulness to ensure that your money is not wasted. Here is a small buying guide to help to understand better.

What should be the magnification power of moon viewing binoculars?

To watch a moon that is too far away requires high magnification power and you have to choose a magnification higher than 20x. But we have observed some issues. When you choose higher magnification binoculars, the image you get becomes unstable and shaky. Would you like to get a shaky image of the moon?

Of Course not as everyone wants to have a clear image with complete stability. We have got a solution to the shaky images. All you have to do is to use a tripod stand which makes your binoculars very less sensitive to small movements. So, less sensitivity makes the image more stable.

What should be the Objective lens size on the moon-watching binoculars?

For viewing the moon at night, you would like to have a bigger-sized objective lens in your binoculars. Although bigger objective lenses make the binoculars heavy, we still recommend you choose them as they help in capturing more light from your surroundings. 

Capturing more light ensures that your binoculars will provide you with a brighter and sharper image of the targeted object. But due to the bigger size of the objective lens, the weight becomes too heavy and it is an issue that you will face in almost all binoculars. 

There are two ways to go: Either you should compromise with weight or choose high-end and premium binoculars whose weight is low and the visual performance is excellent for night usage. 

We have done the research and picked up five moon watching binoculars that will do a pretty good job for your adventure. Keep reading for in-depth details!

Reviews of Best Binoculars Moon Gazing

Before this guide, our team did complete research to find those binoculars that perform excellently in all outdoor activities. Our main focus was to find those optics that are ideal for viewing the moon. So, after so much work, we are in a position to guide you about the best binoculars for moon-watching. Below is the list that we will review in this article.

  • ESSLNB 15-30X80 Zoom HD Binoculars
  • Celestron – SkyMaster 25X70 Binoculars
  • Orion 9326 Giant View 25×100 Binoculars
  • Celestron – Echelon 20×70 Porro Binoculars
  • Barska AB10592 Gladiator 20-100×70 Zoom Binoculars

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1- ESSLNB 15-30X80 Zoom HD Binoculars

ESSLNB 15-30X80 Zoom HD Binoculars

These are good options that are available in the budget category and provide good value for money. Their specifications are perfect for anyone who wants to have a clear view of the moon from earth. The lenses are made of high-quality HD glasses which increase the clarity and contrast.

The chromatic aberration is literally zero in this optics. The edge-to-edge clarity is exceptional and you will be satisfied with their optical performance. However, due to higher magnification power, the image can be shaky at times. 

But you don’t need to be worried as they also come with tripod adaptability features which make the image more stable and resistant to small movements. Their size is too big. However, they offer an additional carrying case which makes them easy to carry. 

The central focus system is used in these optics that consists of a small knob or wheel to control or adjust the focus. So, while viewing the moon, you will be able to zoom in and out with top-class focus.

Moreover, they have phone adaptability features. If you want to take photography to the moon, then the smartphone adaptability feature will prove worthy of giving it a try. You can record or capture photos of what you are seeing through binoculars. 

  • Top class visuals
  • Phone adaptability
  • Ideal eye relief of 21 mm
  • Central focus system is used in them.
  • We didn’t like their build quality
  • Customers have complaint about their sensitive eyecups

Key Takeaways:

They are decent binoculars available at affordable pricing. You will get all the needed features that help you view the moon. However, we have disliked their build quality.

2- Celestron – SkyMaster 25X70 Binoculars for Moon Watching

Celestron – SkyMaster 25X70 Binoculars for Moon Watching

Celestron binoculars are well known for being used for astronomy and these optics perform excellently for watching the moon. Their magnification and objective lens size is optimal and you won’t find any issue using them.

We are big fans of their strong bodies and they show good resistance when they fall from some height. Thanks to their synthetic body material which makes them unbreakable. If you want binoculars with strong housing, these should be your favorite list. 

BAK-4 prisms have been used in these binoculars which make the image exceptionally brighter in low light. Their clarity and image resolution will make your moon watching experience memorable. 

Water and fog proofing is also excellent and using them in rainy weather won’t have any bad impact on them. In fact, we tested them by immersing them in a tank of water for 20 minutes, and when we removed them from the water, they were fine.

Their eye relief of 14 mm is not perfect and we don’t recommend these binoculars who are having eyesight problems. They won’t provide a comfortable viewing experience. 

  • Edge to edge to clarity
  • Water and fog proofing
  • Strong build quality
  • Additional accessories
  • Their eye relief is not ideal – not comfortable for those who wear glasses.

How are these binoculars different from previous products?

These are also budget products and work fine in every aspect except providing a comfortable viewing experience. However, we are impressed by the water and fog proofing.

3- Orion 9326 Giant View 25×100 Moon Viewing Binoculars

Orion 9326 Giant View 25x100 Moon Viewing Binoculars

These are our favorite binoculars as they provide all the features that you need for watching the moon. Starting from body strength, they are made up of aluminum material which makes them robust and durable. Even, if they fall off your hands accidentally, they will still be in the perfect position to be used.

The BAK-4 prisms enhance the visual quality and their light capturing ability is exceptional. They have a bigger-sized objective lens of 100 mm which is ideal for capturing more light. Even in low light conditions, their performance will impress you.

Do you wear glasses due to weak vision? If yes, you will be happy to know that this pair of binoculars come with an eye relief of 18mm which is ideal for an extended duration. Due to their ideal eye relief, we are happy to call them the best binoculars for moon watching.

Their water and fog proofing is outstanding and you won’t have to be worried if you have wet hands due to any reason. Moreover, they have armortek coating on the lenses which makes them scratch, dust, and oil proofing. In terms of protection, they get full marks. 

These binoculars also come with some additional accessories which make the deal even better. Those additional bonuses are as follows

  • Lens caps
  • Carrying case
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Durability and longevity
  • Additional accessories – free of cost
  • Optical performance is second to none
  • Armortek coating for making them scratch proof.
  • After using them for moon watching, we are confident to say that they don’t have any fault at all.

How are these binoculars different from previous products?

As said earlier, these are our favorite binoculars as they provide all the features that you would love in your binoculars. You can buy them without thinking twice and you will never regret your purchase.

4- Celestron – Echelon 20×70 Porro Binoculars

Celestron – Echelon 20x70 Porro Binoculars

As said earlier, the Celestron brand has always focused on producing binoculars for those people who have a deep interest in astronomy, especially moon watching. 

These are high-end and premium binoculars. So, you will get all the features that make your moon viewing ultimate fun. The image quality is outstanding. XLT coating is present in them to make the image superior and you will get a visual that is pleasing to the eyes. 

The optical components of these binoculars are made in Japan but their assembly has been done in the USA. We have seen the USA manufacturers focus on quality and these echelon binoculars are a bright example. 

The aluminum material is used in their construction which makes them rugged and able to bear shocks and falls from height. In fact, if you hit them in the war, their performance will never go down. Their strong bodies make them the best binoculars to see the moon.

Do you wear glasses due to weak eyesight or vision? If yes, then you will be happy to know these optics have an ideal eye relief of 19.5 mm which makes them very comfortable for viewing for a longer period of time. 

Their tripod adaptability is also available. But we are happier about their phone adaption feature which enables you to photograph the scenes that you see through your binoculars. You can use any smartphone as these binoculars’ adapters come with universal settings and fit easily with all phones.

  • Low light usability
  • Ideal eye relief of 19mm
  • Premium visual quality
  • Tripod adaptability along with phone adaption
  • Their prices are too high and it is hard for a common man to buy them

How are these binoculars different from previous products?

No question at their quality and performance. But we are not happy with their pricing as a common man cannot afford them. But we are sure that their performance deserves the higher price.

5- Barska AB10592 Gladiator 20-100×70 Zoom Binoculars

Barska AB10592 Gladiator 20-100x70 Zoom Binoculars

These are one of the most powerful binoculars, having a magnification range from 20x to 100x. It’s all about what you need for your outdoor activity. However, we always suggest choosing higher magnification power for moon watching. 

They have a total eye relief of 16 mm which makes them pretty comfortable to use for an extended duration. Moreover, their sleep design and fold-down eyes also support the claim that they are easy to use for watching the shining moon. 

Build quality is not really top class – but it is decent and provides good durability if special care is taken. Keep in mind that rough usage has a bad impact on their body strength. 

These binoculars also come with some additional accessories like Carrying Case, Neck Strap, and Lens Cloth which can excite you them. If you are going to use your binoculars for an extended duration, then we suggest you order a tripod stand as well.

We are impressed by the waterproofing. Usually, we see nitrogen gas as purging. But these binoculars have something special. Argon gas is used in the purging. Keep in mind that argon gas is superior to nitrogen gas. Argon makes them the best binoculars for moon watching.

  • Argon purging
  • Additional accessories
  • Excellent visual quality
  • Comfortable viewing experience
  • Build quality is not ideal.

How are these binoculars different from previous products?

Apart from the body strength, everything looks perfect in these binoculars. If you are one of those optics users, who take care of their things, then you should opt for them and have happy viewing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which binoculars are best for the moon?

Celestron’s binoculars are specially made for viewing the moon. All of their optics have higher magnification and meet the standard that you follow when choosing binoculars.

What size binoculars do I need to see the Moon?

For viewing the moon, the size of your objective should be bigger to capture more light to give you a brighter image. We recommend everyone the size from 50 mm to 80 mm.

What is the best magnification power for moon watching?

There are no specific rules to follow when choosing magnification power. As the moon is too far away from us, it is ideal to choose a higher magnification power. We recommend everyone choose a magnification power of 20x or more.


Thanks to the research team who has done a pretty good job in collecting the data and picking the top product for us to review. All the binoculars that have been reviewed in this guide are tested and their performance won’t disappoint you at all.

In the initial part of this article, we have also given a buyer’s guide which will provide you with information about all the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing binoculars for moon watching. With the hope that our efforts will be useful in making your buying process easier, we are signing off!