Best Binoculars for Dolphin Watching – Top Picks

By Richard

Have you been fed up with endless efforts in searching for the best binoculars for dolphin watching? We know that it is really frustrating to do research and shortlist a few optics and then go down and talk to your friends to choose the one best among the shortlisted.

In the process, people give up, ending up choosing the wrong product. Instead of getting a closer view of dolphins, they start getting blurry images with no edge-to-edge clarity. 

So it is worth noting that choosing suitable binos with proper specification and optical components is something which will give optimal viewing experience and help you enjoy the moves of dolphins by standing at the shore. 

But, is it easy to find those binoculars which are ideal in terms of giving you ideal visual performance? Literally, not! We have done the research and talked to our friends who use binos for dolphin watching to find suitable binoculars which will give you excellent results. 

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Factors to Consider before buying binoculars for watching dolphin

Not randomly chosen binoculars are going to give an exceptional result. It is a fact that you won’t be able to pick the best product until you don’t have complete information and know all the factors that are important for dolphin-watching binoculars. Here are some points that you should keep in mind

Magnification power

Before making a decision about the magnification power, you will have to decide whether you want to get a closer view of the dolphin from a shore or from sitting on your boat. If you are comfortable standing at the shore, you would like to have a magnified image of a distant swimming dolphin. So, choose higher magnification power. However, if you are intending to get a view from the boat, we suggest you opt for 8x for stability or 10x for more power.


When watching dolphins, chances are high that water splashes will come on your optics and they will get wet. If they don’t have a waterproofing feature, your budget will be wasted and the lenses will get foggy. So, it is important to choose binoculars with better water and moisture-proofing.

Optical Performance

Getting a clear image with perfect color balance and ideal resolution is what makes your trip enjoyable. Better visual quality makes you able to see distant objects with excellent clarity. We recommend you choose those binoculars which have top-class optical performance.

What are Suitable Binoculars for Watching Dolphins?

With the help of our research team, we have picked some top-performing binoculars that will uplift your fun of watching dolphins. It was not an easy process to do scrutiny and go through the tough testing period to ensure that you pick up the perfect pair. Here is the list of our chosen binoculars for watching dolphins.

  • Celestron – Nature DX 8×42 Binoculars
  • Vortex Optics Diamondback HD Binoculars
  • Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD Binoculars
  • Athlon Optics Midas G2 8×42 HD Binoculars

Are You in Hurry? Here is a Quick Overview.

Best Budget-Friendly OptionCheck Price
Best Performing BinocularsCheck Price
Premium & High-End OptionCheck Price

1- Celestron – Nature DX 8×42 Binoculars

Celestron – Nature DX 8×42 Binoculars

These Celestron binoculars are a very good option for viewing dolphins as they fall in the budget category. If you have a tight budget and want decently performing binoculars, you can opt for them. 

Their optical performance is excellent due to the usage of high-quality FMC lenses which produce better, brighter, and sharper images. In fact, the usage of phase-corrected BAK-4 prisms increases the resolution of images. 

Have you ever used a bino with low build quality? If not, trust us then, you always remain doubtful about the sustainability and longevity while using them for getting a closer view. However, these Celestron binoculars are ideally strong and do not even break when thrown from a height. 

The usage of polycarbonate housing makes them invincible to shocks and falls. Even if you throw them from some height, they will still be in fine condition. The eye relief and adjustable eyecups increase their ease of usability. 

Their weight is not on the higher side. However, it could have been improved. However, we love their smaller size and you will be able to carry them in your hands with ease. 

  • Excellent image quality
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Water and fog proofing
  • Additional accessories are not durable

Our Thoughts

When we talk about budget products, we don’t demand much. In fact, we look at the basic features which are needed for outdoor activities and these binoculars also come with all the must-have features which make them a good choice for watching dolphins.

2- Vortex Optics Diamondback HD Binoculars for Watching Dolphin

Vortex Optics Diamondback HD Binoculars

In the buyer’s guide, we did mention that you will use your binoculars near either the shore or on a boat. So, chances are higher that the water splashes will come onto your binos. You cannot avoid this water contact.

So, it is important to choose optics that are excellent in giving you good results even when they are wet. Vortex’s product is purged with argon gas which is premium and sealed with an o-ring to make them waterproof. In fact, even if the water succeeds in sneaking through, the gas purging will act immediately to remove the moisture, making your lenses not get foggy.

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These binoculars are very famous among outdoor enthusiasts and we bought them years ago to enjoy the crisper image quality. They have modern glass material and a phase-corrected BAK-4 prism to ensure that the edge-to-edge clarity will always be on the top. 

The presence of anti-anti reflective coating on the glassy part helps them in transmitting more light. More transmission means a brighter and more vibrant image even in low-light conditions. The lenses are protected with super cool armortek coating. It means that falls and harsh usage won’t put any bad impact on their lenses. 

Important Point: The ED glasses have been used in these binoculars which are specialized in giving you an image with literally no chromatic aberration or glare.

A central focus system with a small ease-to-locate knob is present which is very efficient and uplifts the focusing mechanism. Moreover, the lightweight and decently smaller size make them easy to use for longer periods of time. Eye relief and adjustment increase their ease of usability.

Do you know why we have one of these binoculars for our personal use? Yes, because of their build quality. The aluminum material is used in their makeup, which itself is very strong and makes them robust enough to bear shocks and falls. Moreover, no question asked, the unconditional warranty gives confidence.

  • Lightweight of jut 21 ounces
  • Give visuals with no chromatic aberration
  • Strong body due to aluminum material
  • Unconditional warranty
  • Argon gas purging
  • Anti-anti reflective coating on the glassy parts for low light usability
  • We owned these binos for years and failed to find any fault. They are the perfect option in an affordable budget and give ideal output.

What distinguishes them from previous products?

These vortex diamondback binoculars come with argon gas purging which makes them waterproof. The usage of this premium gas makes them stand out. Moreover, the presence of ED glass makes them give images with no chromatic aberration.

3- Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD Binoculars

Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD Binoculars

The major reason behind the popularity of these binoculars is their top-class optical performance. In Fact, they are very expensive but still, people love spending on them to enjoy the crispier and sharper visuals. 

The uniqueness of these optics lies in the lens quality. The calcium fluoride material has been used in the lenses which makes them an ideal option to get high-resolution images with edge-to-edge clarity and excellent resolution. The presence of an anti-reflective coating on the lenses further uplifts their standard. In fact, they are good to use in low-light conditions. 

One of my friends has them and we interviewed him to get in-depth knowledge. He told us that these Leupold binoculars are very easy to use due to their open-bridge ergonomic design. Your fingers will fit perfectly to hold them. Moreover, while holding them in your hands, you will feel like you have more space to hold them. 

The aluminum material has been used in their body which makes them stand out. If your parameter of selection is build quality, then these binoculars will be on the top of your list as they are very strong and unbreakable. Throw them or use them harshly, and their performance won’t go down at all.

Do you like to carry decently weight binoculars – not very light, nor too heavy? If yes, these optics are going to be a perfect match for you as they have 24 ounces of weight and make them decent to be carried on a long journey. Keep in mind that these binoculars won’t make you tired.

  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Modern lens material
  • Good ease of usability
  • Strong gripping and handling
  • Their prices is a bit high

What distinguishes them from previous products?

The usage of modern glass material makes them unique in this guide. The calcium fluoride material present in the lenses increases their visual quality. Although they have a bit higher prices, we still recommend it if you love to enjoy premium features.

4- Athlon Optics Midas G2 8×42 HD Binoculars

Athlon Optics Midas G2 8×42 HD Binoculars

Athlon is not a very famous brand but its products are hitting the bunch mark set by some famous and older optics brands like Leupold and vortex. We picked these Athlon Midas binoculars due to body protection.

The presence of XPL on the body and lenses ensures that they will remain safe from scratches, oil, and other contaminants like dust and debris. When watching a dolphin, the water splashes will come on your optics but won’t have any bad impact at all because these Athlon are sealed with an o-ring and are purged with argon gas.

We literally love their visual performance. No matter if you use them in low light conditions or in daylight, their performance will always be up to the mark to give you excellent viewing before dawn and after dusk. Thanks to their better objective lens size and strong anti-reflective coating present on the lenses. 

Thinking about the build quality? Worry not, as these optics have magnesium housing which helps them bear shocks and falls. Keep in mind that their body is made of rubber armor which is not very strong but the presence of magnesium housing ensures that they will be a durable and reliable option for watching dolphins from the shore. 

Another important factor that you should keep in mind is their ease of usability. In fact, it is even more important if you’re an elder person with shaky hands. So, we have good words as these optics have ideal eye relief, adjustable eyecups, and are lightweight. The combination of these three dynamic features makes them the ideal choice for elderly.

Not but not least, they also come with some additional accessories which further enhance their usability value. We know how good it feels when you are getting the complete package by spending on one product. However, you should never miss on grabbing the opportunity as these additional accessories are very useful and expensive.

The image quality will be on the top as the dielectric coating reflects maximum light and gives you a brighter image. You won’t see any chromatic aberration or distortion of colors. Moreover, they have a lifetime warranty which further uplifts their standard giving you the confidence to buy with no regret.

  • Superior low light usability
  • Ease of usability
  • XPL coating for lenses protection
  • Scratch resistant
  • Argon gas purging
  • Lifetime warranty with additional accessories
  • Focus system is not very quick – just decent

What distinguishes them from previous products?

These binoculars have XPL coating which makes them safe from scratches, dust, debris, and other contaminants. The presence of this coating type makes them a prominent product in this guide.


Finding binoculars for dolphin watching is not an easy job and you will have to go through the hurdles of research and shortlisting. Don’t you think it is a tiring process altogether? It is, indeed!

We have a team with full knowledge of optics who have done complete research to find out the ideal binoculars that will boost your fun. In fact, the four binoculars that we reviewed are well-tested and are supported by good trustworthiness.

We hope that our efforts will help you make your buying decision. With the hope of goodness, we are signing off for now. Catch you soon with another in-depth and unbiased guide.

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