Are Old Binoculars Worth The Money?

By Richard

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Binoculars are one of the most used optical devices that give you an excellent viewing experience. They have been used for decades as an important tool. There has been a revolution in this industry and modern binos with exceptional features and performance have been introduced. So, the question comes to mind: Are old binoculars worth the money?

Old binoculars if kept in care and are in good condition are surely worth the money. Their old classy design, less pricing, and decent performance remind you of legacy. But if they are not in good condition and require immediate repair then they won’t deserve to be bought.

In this guide, we will discuss old binoculars and their viability. Should you buy an old pair of binoculars? All of your questions will be answered in this article. 

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Are old binoculars worth the money? Compete Answer

It is based on the conditions of binoculars. Those optics that have been used for years won’t be in good condition and you will have to spend some money to get them repaired. But are you sure about their ideal functionality after repair? Office No!

If you are fond of those old binoculars and want to get their legacy, you gotta find very good and well-maintained products so that you won’t have to spend any money on their repair work. Such binoculars are not easy to find but if you succeed, they are definitely worth the price. 

Should You Buy Old, Antique, and Vintage Binoculars?

Our answer is a bit of dual nature. Old binoculars are good in terms of their build quality and they have gone through a period of testing to prove their reliability. But if they are not in good condition, then you should not think about buying them. 

Binoculars once got issues, cannot be made perfect. You will have to send them back to manufacturers and their warranty will no longer be available so there are many complications and you should avoid buying them. 

If you’re lucky enough and find old binoculars that are kept with care and are in good working condition, then we recommend you buy them as they won’t cost you much money and perform decently in outdoor activity. But keep in mind to find the well-maintained option!

What is the cost of old binoculars?

There is no specific price range for old and vintage binoculars. It’s the deal between buyer and seller that defines the price. But one thing that we are certain about is those old binos will cost you very less as compared to going out to buy a new one. 

Normally, you should be able to get an old binocular for a $50 to $200 budget. $50 is for those old optics that need repair work and $200 is for those binoculars that are very well maintained, perform excellently, and belong to a famous and credible brand with a lifetime warranty.

However, make sure to close your deal as little as possible so that you save some extra bucks for the future if they stop performing well. 

Old vs New Binoculars: Which one should You choose?

Old binoculars are less costly and save you some bucks but you cannot be 100% sure about their performance. The doubts about their reliability will always be in your mind. On the other hand, new binoculars come with advanced technologies and perform excellently. The reliability of new optics is far better than the old ones. 

When we compare old binoculars with a new ones, then obviously new products with top quality and excellent features attract more and you should also choose new ones as they will last longer and provide you with performance with reliability. 

New and modern binoculars are very expensive compared to those old and vintage optics. So, if you have a tight budget, then you should look to buy an old one but if you have a handsome budget, we recommend you buy modern binoculars with premium technology. 

3 Factors to consider before Old binoculars

There are many platforms where old binoculars are sold at low rates. In fact, we have seen many antique stores that sell binoculars. But there are some factors that you should keep in mind before buying old binoculars.  All those factors are explained below;

1- Brand 

Old binoculars should be bought by checking their brand value. If it belongs to any ordinary Chinese brand then it should be given much value. On the other hand, if it is german made or the USA made binoculars by a reputable brand, then its value should be doubled. 

2- Collectibles

What purpose do you have in buying old binoculars? If you want to add them in your showcase and love to assemble old products then the performance of build quality should not be a matter of concern for you. Instead, just pay the price and buy them. 

But if you’re buying old optics due to having a tight budget, then be wise in checking their performance, and visual quality, and build strength to ensure that they will be your good friends for years.

3- Conditions

Ok, so the last factor that plays a key role in making a deal good or bad is the conditions. Binos that have been kept with care definitely deserve more money as compared to those optics which are very poor and need repair work immediately. 

Make sure to choose those old binoculars that have been used with care and are in good condition. You won’t have to spend any additional bucks to get them repaired. One more thing that also spurs us to avoid buying bad-conditioned binoculars is that you cannot be sure about the proper functionality even after the repair work. 

Is it easy to find Vintage binoculars?

Well, if you’re lucky, only then you will be able to get one vintage binocular which is in fine condition. However, finding the old product is really tough as most of the vintage stuff has already been collected. 

However, there are few places where you can buy them. eBay is the online platform that auctions old products like binoculars etc. If you’re interested, you can bid there. Moreover, many vintage shops operate in almost all countries and you can find vintage binoculars there as well. Keep in mind that you can buy a vintage product, however, finding them is really tough – near to impossible.


So, it was the complete answer to the question: Are old binoculars worth the money? First of all, you do complete research to find out those old binos that perform well and are in good condition. 

Definitely, buying old binos that are in operational condition is worth the money. But in search of old optics, don’t fall for binos that are not good and deserve to be put in the dustbin. 

It was a complete answer and we hope that this guide will help you understand more about old binoculars and their worth. We are signing off! See you in the next helpful guide.

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