Are Digital Camera Binoculars Worth the Money?

By Richard

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A few days ago, one of my friends bought a binocular with an inbuilt camera. He was quite happy because of the fact that he won’t have to carry a separate camera in his hand for taking pictures when going outdoors for activities.

Digital camera binos actually have small cameras present inside of them that capture and record the video when you use or zoom with binoculars. It is an interesting feature, but the performance of these inbuilt camera binoculars has always been questioned.

But are digital binoculars worth your attention? Many people have this question in mind but there is a reliable answer present on the whole internet. 

Digital camera binoculars are a good option for casual use, but not for professional photography. They are ideal for those who do not use binoculars frequently and are not concerned about image quality. For professional photography, it is recommended to purchase a dedicated camera.

Well, I have used the binoculars of my friend and kind of tasted it so I am in a better position to give you my verdict and guide you on whether it is the right call or not.

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How Do Digital Camera Binoculars Work?

Digital camera binoculars work by combining a pair of binoculars with a built-in digital camera. The size of this digital is so small that it fits perfectly inside the body of binoculars. The lenses of binos work together and enhance the size of the image of the targeted object and the digital camera captures the image or video through the same lens system.

In such binoculars, the user gets a button mounted on the body of the binos which is used to control the camera. You can simply press the buttons to zoom in, take photos, and record videos. I’m sure that you’ll be thinking about where the captured images are stored.

Right? All the photos and videos that you capture through these binoculars are stored on a memory card within the binoculars and can be viewed on the built-in LCD screen or transferred to a computer for further editing.

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Potential Benefits of using Digital Camera Binoculars

One of the biggest benefits of digital camera binoculars is the ability to capture the beauty and excitement of wildlife without having to carry separate cameras and binoculars. With these binoculars, you can snap a photo or take a video and then immediately view it on the LCD screen. 

What I like the most is that you won’t have to carry a separate camera for photography when going out to watch birds. If you have any beautiful bird, capture it and share your outdoor experiences with others. However, there are some drawbacks as well that you will have to keep in mind.

Drawbacks Digital Camera Binoculars

I must say that digital camera binoculars are not perfect. They are typically heavier and bulkier than traditional binoculars, making them less convenient to carry on long hikes. The most important thing is that the image quality of such binoculars is not what you get when using dedicated cameras.

Keep in mind that the technology which is used to manufacture binoculars with cameras is not very common and many optics brands do not seem to be serious about it. In fact, very few brands are producing such binoculars

Leupold is one of those brands that is using the technology and making binoculars but the quality of these binoculars is not perfect. You won’t be able to see the details easily which is the downside of these binoculars. I am hoping that with the upcoming time, other brands will also come to this segmet and make use of modern technology and produce the best products that fulfill the needs.

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Can You Record Video with Digital Camera Binoculars?

Yes, many digital camera binoculars come with the ability to record video. The built-in digital camera in the binoculars allows the user to capture video footage of the subject being viewed through the lens system.

The process is similar to taking photos: the user focuses on the subject with the binoculars and then uses buttons on the binoculars to start and stop the recording. The video is then stored on a memory card within the binoculars. In fact, you can later edit this footage. One thing that you should keep in mind is that the quality of video clips recorded by these binoculars will be on the lower side.

Should You Choose Digital Camera Binoculars?

Well, I personally don’t recommend you to go out and spend money on digital camera binoculars as the quality of these binoculars is not perfect. However, if your usage is not intense and you just want decent working binoculars you can opt for them. In the section below, I am going to give you a few factors that you must keep in mind before making a final decision.

1- Purpose

These binoculars are good for those who don’t worry about the visual quality, instead just want to capture the scenes even with bad quality. However, if you are a professional photographer or wildlife photographer, traditional cameras and binoculars are going to be a better option for sure.

2- Budget

Digital camera binoculars are typically more expensive than traditional binoculars, so if you’re on a tight budget, don’t go for digital camera binoculars. When you spend less, then you will get the very poor quality which will ultimately affect your outdoor experience.

3- Visual Quality

If you are looking for high-quality photos and videos, a standalone digital camera will always be a better choice. As said earlier, the technology used in built-in camera binoculars is not very good and it can destroy your viewing experience. 

4- Weight and Size 

Digital camera binoculars are typically heavier and bulkier than traditional binoculars, which will make you tired if you carry them for an extended duration which also makes them an inferior choice.


In the end, I would say that your personal needs and requirements define if you should buy these binoculars or not. In this guide, I have explained what you need to know to make a final decision. Keep in mind that these binoculars are handy for light usage but when it comes to professional usage, their performance won’t impress you at all.

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