Are Binoculars Allowed at Kruger National Park?

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Are you planning to witness life at Kruger national park? If yes, you’re lucky as the beauty of Kruger will give you everlasting memories. However, it is never safe to go close to animals like lions and elephants to get a closer view. So you might think about buying binoculars. However, are binoculars allowed at Kruger national park? 

In this guide, we will answer your question and let you know about the specification of binoculars which will help you see the animal with a closer view.

Brief Answer: Yes, you can take binoculars to Kruger National park and use them without any restrictions. However, make sure that your binoculars don’t scare animals. It is ideal if you don’t point your optics toward animals when they are looking at you. 

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Is it permitted to use binoculars at Kruger Park?

Is it permitted to use binoculars at Kruger Park

Yes, binoculars are allowed in Kruger park. In fact, the authorities support the usage of optics as they help you to see the animals by staying away from them. At the entrance gate, there will be a notice board that will instruct you not to go too close to animals or even don’t leave your vehicles as the animals can attack you. 

So, how will you get a closer view of animals by staying away from them? You go there to see the wildlife with more details, don’t you? So, binoculars help in this regard. You can stay in your safari jeep and keep an eye on the animals you like. With the help of magnification adjustment of optics, you can zoom in and out and know everything you need. Surely, using binoculars at Kruger park uplift your enjoyment.

How should you use binoculars at Kruger national park?

Look, animals are not as wise as we are! They can consider your binoculars to simply attack you as their defense. However, it is important to use binoculars in the proper way so that the animals don’t consider you as your enemy. We usually see people using binoculars by pointing directly on the animals which is a totally wrong approach. 

In fact, you should never point your binoculars directly at animals. When you go into Kruger park, make sure you don’t start using binoculars immediately. Take some time before using optics so that the animals make a bond with you. When any animal is staring at you, at that time, don’t point your binoculars toward him. If you do so, the animal can consider you as if you’re attacking him. It is ideal to use binoculars when the animals are looking or staring at you.

Kruger Park is not Zoo – Follow the rules

It is worth noting that Kruger national park is not a zoo and the safety protocols are different when you visit Kruger. In zoos, you actually don’t bother about the attacks from the animals. However, conditions change when it comes to Kruger park as you will be really close to the animals like lions, elephants, and other deadly animals. So, your responsibility of protecting yourself increased.

The question is how should you protect yourself at a park from the animals? When you enter the park, you will be given the guidelines about not making contact with animals and staying in vehicles. There are a lot more cautions that you should always follow. Moreover, using binoculars instead of going close to the animals is helpful in saving you against attacks.

Why is the usage of binoculars encouraged at Kruger Park?

At Kruger park, there are many animals that are not trained to attack people. So, when they see humans, they can get angry and start chasing the people. So, officials have made it obligatory for people to remain in their vehicles so that the animals do not strike them. However, by remaining in the car, you are unable to get a closer and more detailed look at the animals, which can disrupt your viewing experience.

Many people leave their vehicles and go close to the animals just to get a better view. This can result in animals attacking humans. So, the authorities now support the usage of binoculars as they help people to get a well-zoomed image of the animals. So, they won’t have to go close to the animals which are safer for them.


Kruger park is located in south Africa and is a hub for wild animals. If you’re a lover of animals and want to get a closer view of them, you should not miss the trip to Kruger park. Keep in mind that authorities at Kruger park will instruct you not to go too close to animals. So, you will need a nice pair of binoculars. Don’t worry as officials won’t stop you from carrying optics with you. We hope this guide will help you enjoy your trip to Kruger national park.

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