8x vs 10x Binoculars – Which One Should You Choose?

By Richard

Are you confused and not getting the answer of what magnification power you need for your outdoor activities? Don’t worry, it’s not only you, as most of the newbies find themselves in utter confusion when it comes to choosing the right magnification power.

It is worth noting that every magnification level has its own impact on the functionality of the binoculars. For some activities, 8x will do a perfect job but you’ll find trouble if you use 10x magnification for that specific activity.

Long talk, short, what magnification power you’ll need – either 8x or 10x? This is going to be our topic in today’s guide. So stay connected!

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Difference between 8x and 10x magnification power

8x magnification power in binoculars means that you’ll be able to see 8 times bigger images of the object that you’re viewing. In contrast, with 10x magnification, you’ll be able to see 10 times magnified visuals. Both these two magnification powers put a massive impact on the functionality of your binoculars. In the section below, we will talk about how magnification defines the usability of binoculars.

Role of 8x magnification on hunting

8x magnification power is considered very useful for those activities which require you to locate the target. For example, in hunting, you have to spot the target before shooting. So, you won’t need very high magnification power; instead normal magnification power will do a perfect job. 

For example, in bow hunting, your target remains close to you and you don’t need very high magnification power for locating or targeting the buck. So, bowhunters seem to be happy with 8x magnification. It is wise to remember that very high magnification power makes your binoculars very sensitive to smaller movements which can spoil your hunting experience.

Role of 10x magnification on hunting

10x magnification power is considered higher for many outdoor activities. Many people believe that using higher magnification power binoculars is not useful as you fail to get control over the visual due to the higher sensitivity of binoculars.  However, there are some outdoor activities 

Have you ever heard about rifle hunting? The hunter stays very far away from the target and shoots it with the help of a scope mounted on the rifle. So, locating the target for this outdoor activity requires higher magnification power as the hunter stays very far away from the actual target. 

Important to Note: Higher magnification power of binoculars is not always good as it makes your optics very sensitive to small movements and you end up not getting full control of your binoculars.

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Which magnification power is good for bird watching – 8x vs 10x?

Birds watching is a versatile activity and it is not bound to any specific magnification power. However, if the user is comfortable to stay very far away i-e at the balcony of his home to see the birds, then a higher magnification of 10x will be ideal. As the person will be sitting at one place, then the image will also be stable.

But if the user is walking in the jungle or doesn’t want to sit in one place watching the flying birds, then 8x will be perfect as he will be getting stable visuals even with walking. It depends on personal choice, preference, and comfort. If you want to get well-detailed visuals of birds, we suggest you go with 10x.

Which magnification power is good for hiking – 8x vs 10x?

Honestly speaking, 8x magnification does a fine job for hiking. The reason is that you keep walking and remain in continuous motion and if you use higher magnification binoculars, then chances are higher that you won’t get comfortable or stable visuals with good clarity. With 10x magnification binoculars, you won’t get stable visuals at all.

8x vs 10x Magnificaton for Astronomy

Binoculars are a great tool for stargazing and astronomy enthusiasts. But one of the key considerations is the magnification power. But in this guide, I am talking about and comparing two magnification power 8x and 10x.

With 10x magnification, you can see objects in greater detail and with more clarity than with 8x binoculars. This makes them ideal for viewing celestial objects like the moon, planets, and stars. But when you use 8x magnification binos, your viewing range decreases and you see the objects with lesser clarity.

So, I believe that 10x magnification binoculars are a great investment for anyone serious about stargazing and astronomy. Their increased power and clarity make them well worth the extra cost and effort to use.

8x vs 10x Magnificaton for Safari

For safari, both 8x and 10x binos can provide an excellent view, the 10X binoculars offer more powerful magnification and better clarity, making them the perfect choice for someone who loves to see distant objects while sitting in one place.

With 10X magnification, you can see further and with more detail than the 8X. This is especially important when observing wildlife or birds from a distance. However, the higher magnification power can also make it more difficult to keep the binoculars steady, So you will have to invest in a tripod stand to get the most out of your safari trip.

On the other hand, 8x binoculars are easier to handle and provide a wider field of view. They are also more affordable than their 10x counterparts. If you are going on a safari where you expect to be moving around a lot, then the 8X binoculars may be a better choice. If you ask my choice, I will choose 8x magnification binoculars for safari as they offer better magnification power with good clarity and field of view.


Both 8x and 10x magnification powers are good for outdoor activities and it depends on personal choice and preferences. If you’re going to hunt with a rifle, choose 10x magnification. In contrast, bow hunting will require only 8x magnification power. Everything about these two magnification powers has been discussed in full detail.

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